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03 Apr 2020 04:04 - 03 Apr 2020 04:05 #1 by Moostrav Potrevski ()
Wanted: Any who may assist was created by Moostrav Potrevski ()
Hello and good regards,
My name is Captain Johnathan A Quandary of the Guard in place at Honors Waste,
Currently I am without subordinates in the town of Gideon's Way.
Me and and a number of mine where on the trail of a group of ne'er do wells turned bandits and raiders,
Original they had stolen from this village, their once neighbors and friends,
They had taken not only supplies but many of the children,
I used what funds I could and paid off their ransom,
Afterwards we received twelve of the fifteen that where taken.
With this shortage in mind, and with a foolish passion,
I sent off my entire unit to go and find where they may be hiding so we may do in these scoundrels.
Not a single one of mine has returned in the last two days.
I am seeking any assistance I can find for the lives of these children, my guardsmen, and the capture of these offenders.
The safe return of any child will be greatly rewarded, and a fair price will be given for each bandit or one of mine brought in.
I dare not say dead or alive in the matter.

( OOG this is for those who are signed up for "Missing in Honor’s Waste", if we have room I will gladly fill any remaining player slots to our maximum from any waiting party at a first come first serve basis )


Moostrav Potrevski
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Jacob F.
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