normal Khitanese - What even are the Sun and Night empires like??

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05 Jun 2019 23:57 #1 by Shang Lao (Kyutaru)
The rulebook describes the Khitanese lands quite literally by name and nothing else. Jade has an extra line of description that gives a clearer picture but for Sun and Night there's nothing but our imaginations I suppose. Is there any consistent background information pertaining to these two or are they as mysteriously ominous as the names?

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06 Jun 2019 09:17 #2 by Chris D (Brogan)
Replied by Chris D (Brogan) on topic Khitanese - What even are the Sun and Night empires like??

Far to the east, across the sea, lies a land unexplored and virtually unknown to the continent to Palamydia. Travel to and from these lands is extremely difficult – only by boat – and contact and trade has been minimal. The people of Khitan have lead simple, yet beautiful, lives with their ways and knowledge changing little in the past thousand years. It would seem that the whole of Khitan simply does not know of, or even care about, the deities, and instead worship individual aspects of nature – for them, each tree, rock, mountain, and stream has a spirit that is venerated.

The culture of the Khitanese places one's honor above all else, especially family honor – to them, the family name is borrowed, and will be returned when one passes on to the next life. It is the responsibility of an individual to maintain the honor of the family name, and not shame it, while they use it.

Those who have visited Khitan tell of three great Empires that make up the lands: The Empire of Jade, which is the largest and takes up a majority of the land mass of the continent; The Empire of the Sun, a smaller kingdom that consists mostly of islands; and the Empire of Night, a dark and evil place that is ruled by a powerful Empress, said to be immortal, who can command the dead to do their bidding. None have ever visited the Empire of Night and returned – a great Wall of Bone separates it from the Empire of Jade, keeping the two apart. Warfare between the three kingdoms is fairly constant, with raids for land, resources, and wealth happening on a regular basis, and political intrigue between them is as deadly as any blade.

per the lore wiki... hope that helps

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