unanswered "I want to have fun too but I don't really know anyone here."

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03 Oct 2017 00:35 #1 by Nalick (NalickDeMarche)
"I want to have fun too but I don't really know anyone here." was created by Nalick (NalickDeMarche)
Having been someone fortunate enough to be invited to game by people I was friends with in real life, and seeing that a few more were active within the game, it was a lot easier for me to dip my feet into larping than it would have been otherwise.

Knowing players in an out of game (OOG)/real world sense, makes larping easier in much the same way that knowing characters--what the Character Ties board was created for--does as well. One of the main responsibilities for a New Player Marshal like myself and the rest of my team, is to make it easier for you to enter the world of larping (worry more about packing your socks than your passport). Therefore it makes perfect sense to combine those two into the following:

If you see me on Friday of an event before 7:00 (after which I'll be sitting behind a laptop or galloping somewhere with determination) and you'd like to be introduced to people, I will be more than willing to help you meet my friends. Having played for more than four years, I know and am friends with a majority of the people who come regularly. Being a New Player Marshal means I'm at least acquainted with a good deal of other new players.

As for in-game friends, approach either of my characters with a desire to meet and interact with a certain variety of people. We'll have fun with it, and you'll have a hand in forging ties with established characters.

With regard to how your character would find out about either of mine:

Nalick is humble yet an idealist, but as a Sergeant in the Baronial Guard, the High Priest of the Goddess of Compassion, and the topic of a song about "the biggest wallflower in Travance," his name has been bandied about with a fair amount of regularity.

Places he's been: Bordertown, the Black Acres, Angst, Faust in Coast Haven; nearly every land in the Barony and the Proper itself; Alleander and Ravenhurst in Kormyre.

Chet is a goofball clad in overalls who shows up places because of an innate and inane sense of curiosity--one of his claims to fame is that he rode a dire cow and managed to stay on for almost 10 seconds. He also exploded on Amanthyre (an island where the embodiment of good in the world was in a tower) because he was struck with too much Positive Energy.

"Oh, smile, it's not gonna kill ya!"
"It has on previous occasion!"

Places he's been: Battersea (a town toward the southern edge of Londwyn in an area full of coal mines); Yorkshire (also in Londwyn, but quite a bit cleaner); Alomiolande in Pendarvin; and in general, all throughout Travance.

If you message me either here or on Facebook--where you'll be able to find me if we have any mutual friends--with where your character grew up, lived, or passed through at any point, we could come up with how they'd know each other.

Help me help you make friends (without necromancy)!


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