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Sharpthorn Clan was created by Winks Sharpthorn (Winks)
"Alright settle down you little grots, it's time to learn something. Grandpa's gonna tell you about our clan and what happened to it.

No I'm not actually your grandpa, my kids are your age! No I'm just getting up there in years for a goblin, is all. Now if you're looking for some grand history of the Sharpthorn Clan stretching back hundreds of years, you're not gonna get it. This clan lasted all of a year or so, and that's that. But by telling you about it, maybe we can make it something to be proud of again. See, a few months after I first came to Travance, which was back in 1210, I'd become a squire in Drega'Mire, which means one of the nobles got to tell me what to do a lot but also was supposed to train me to become a noble myself. The second part didn't work out very well, but as part of the stuff I was able to do, I took in and helped a lot of greenskins, both tribal and some who escaped from Gaaldron - I'll tell you more about them later - and after a while we decided to try and organize into a clan.

The lord of Drega'Mire at the time let me have a small piece of dry land out among the swamps, and we got to work. We built huts, shacks, and small simple houses and surrounded it with a pretty strong wooden wall all around. We called it the Sharpthorn Holdings, and the clan was born. We had hundreds of goblins, dozens of orcs, and even some ogres, all living and working together. We had help from some other prominent people in Travance, and it looked like we were on our way to being accepted members of the land. The thing to remember is, there are a lot of humans that don't like goblins, so the fact that we were able to settle down and build our own home was a really big deal. All we wanted was to fit in and not be seen as monsters anymore.

Now remember I said I'd tell you about Gaaldron? They're another kingdom to the north of us, made up almost entirely of greenskins. Sounds great, right? Wrong. The hobgoblins there think it's their right to rule and command other greenskins, just because they're hobgoblins and because they've got a screwed up religion that backs them up. Most goblins there are actually slaves, or worse; ogres are treated like beasts of burden; and orcs, well they can sometimes be treated well but only because they're great warriors. Gaaldron has hated Travance for a long time, and they hated any greenskins who tried to settle here, like me. So in the summer of 1212 they sent a large force down the river to infiltrate and take over the Sharpthorn Holdings, enslaving everyone there and forcing them to attack Port Valandra farther south, and anyone who couldn't fight for them they just killed. They also burned the Holdings to the ground behind them. And that was that, the clan was no more. Anyone who happened to survive the fighting in Valandra ran off.

Only now more of you are coming out of the woods, meaning more clan members survived than I thought. We may never have a settlement like before, honestly it's too risky with Gaaldron still there, but we can be proud of what we had and who we are. There are still people who hate us, but greenskins have come a long way since I've been here, and we can go even further."

The Sharpthorn Clan was, and could be again, an organized group of goblins, orcs, and ogres, working to overcome the greenskin stereotypes and become respected in Travance. If you want to play a member of one of those three races, and this sounds interesting to you, shoot me a message. You can be a former clan member who escaped the clan's destruction, or you can be a new arrival who heard stories about it, either way is good. Your last name doesn't have to be Sharpthorn (my only relatives were my wife and kids), but many former members had taken it if they didn't have a last name to begin with. The Clan did accept other races as honorary members, but that's an IG thing.

In Service to Travance
Ser Winks Sharpthorn, The Resolute
Knight of Drega'Mire
Soul-Blade of Galladel

Alt: William Sterling
Chief Mechanic of the Kormyrian Sky Flotilla
Lead Engineer of the Travancian Railroad

OOG: Walter Soto
Cannon Marshal
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