unanswered Crafters Needed for Pendarvin

09 Apr 2018 11:01 #1 by Silverbow Patriarch (Ardin)
Crafters Needed for Pendarvin was created by Silverbow Patriarch (Ardin)
Pendarvin is recruiting around the area for crafters to come to Pendarvin, especially Dwarves who may already reside with the settlements of Pendarvin and are looking for adventure. Pendarvin is well stocked with supplies to get new crafters up and running.

Seek out Lord Ardin Silverbow in Honors Peak.

Lord Ardin Silverbow
Lord of Pendarvin

"While others succumb, we overcome."
-Silverbow Motto

OOG: Norm B
Safety Deputy

"When I think of the greatness of my job and realize that I am what I am, I am amazed, but on reflection, who is as good as I am? I know of no one."
-George Patton(I wish Ardin had said this first)

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