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28 Feb 2018 21:38 #1 by Annora (Karen)
Spears. Help. was created by Annora (Karen)
So I would like to keep using my spear.
But I have no idea where they even fall in categorization anymore.

Rulebook page 175

medium weapons (such as shortswords and maces), which deal a base of one damage; large weapons (such as greatswords, warhammers, and polearms), which deal a base of three damage; shafted weapons (such as staves and spears), which deal a base of two damage

Page 188

Spears and short staves must be between thirty and sixty inches in length and may be wielded in one hand or two.

Page 125

Proficiency, Might
This ability increases the character’s base damage by +1 while wielding a medium weapon or +2 while wielding a large weapon. This bonus does not stack with any other Proficiency abilities.

From the item purchasing sheet

Large Weapon includes staff, spear, polearm, two handed edged, and two handed blunt. Medium Weapon includes one hand weapons and javelins.

Shafted weapons does not specify a weapon category. So what exactly are spears? Large or medium weapons? Or are they trapped in the void between weapon sizes? I'm reading conflicting information, even within different sections of the rulebook.
How many units of material does it take to make one?
And how does wielding them in one or two hands work with Might Proficiencies?
Please send help, my brain is exploding.

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07 Mar 2018 16:46 #2 by Aleister (Aleister)
Replied by Aleister (Aleister) on topic Spears. Help.
Shafted weapon is a category of it's own, but still benefits from Might Proficiency. (they don't get double benefit for being weilded in two hands, but a weapon weilded in two hands is immune to Disarm)
They take 2 units of material to craft.

Shafted weapons (the phys rep), can also use cards for Large Weapons or Medium Weapons depending on their size.

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