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02 Mar 2018 02:40 #1 by Mantel
Mantel created the topic: [Rules2.0] Climb and Agile
Climb is a continuous movement skill that allows you to move 20 feet up or down after 10 seconds concentration. Agile allows you freedom of direction while using movement skills.

This causes some odd interactions, like being able to use Climb in the middle of combat to move behind someone and bash their neck in, without a tree or other climbable surface in sight. Climb, Zephyr, Annihilate seems like a pretty good option.

Is this intended?

(OOG Jean M)

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07 Mar 2018 16:29 #2 by Aleister
Aleister replied the topic: [Rules2.0] Climb and Agile
You must have a vertical surface to use Climb. So no, that would not work as you have described.

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