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05 Mar 2018 15:26 #1 by Matthias
Matthias created the topic: Casting Weapon / Spells
Couple of questions, tried searching, apologies if previously answered:

Most characters who get Casting Phokus have the description as "May use a casting phokus." A few have the description as "casting weapon" -- is this merely an editing issue or are there different kinds of casting phokii?

When buying spell domains, do you have to buy each level twice to get both spells?

Is there a "level limit" on spell tiers? Like, can you choose to buy tiers I to IV in a single domain or is there a requirement of a certain overall level before you can buy into the higher tiers of spells?


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07 Mar 2018 16:23 #2 by Aleister
Aleister replied the topic: Casting Weapon / Spells
1. Editing Error


All casting lists purchase the rank of a domain’s spells for a single cost. These costs are uniform
across all caster classes as two build for Rank I spells, three build for Rank II spells, four build
for Rank III spells, and five build for Rank IV spells.

(P. 41)

3. Spells can be bought at any level, but you must buy them in order of Rank.

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