Preparing the Feast is a monumental task, but one that is vital to the experience that is KR.  Because it is a lot of work, we ask that players help whenever they can by taking turns becoming Kitchen Staff for an event.  If enough people take a turn every few months, everyone can enjoy the game while we maintain a fully functional kitchen and have a good Feast.

If you want to run a Feast, please contact the Kitchen Officer via the Forums.  He will schedule you for an event that works for you, and help coordinate the Feast.

A Feast should include the following:

  • Appetizer: A salad, soup, or other easy-to-serve item to get people started.

  • Main Meal: Something filling, preferably hot, that is the backbone of the Feast. Good examples include pasta, chicken or turkey, or a pot pie or casserole.

  • Side Dish: Optional, but highly recommended.  This can be hot or cold, and can be simple or complicated to make.  A platter of cut vegetables or a salad dish is a good choice.

  • Dessert: No meal is complete without it!  This can be cake, pies, cobbler, fresh fruit, etc.

Please keep in mind that some people are Vegetarian, and will need a non-meat Main Meal alternative.  Also, some people may be allergic to some ingredients - please make sure you post your menu a week before the event, so people know to ask for an alternative if there is something they cannot eat.

The biggest challenge for any Kitchen Staff is preparing the volume of food - the typical feast feeds over 100 people.  You should plan for 120 people (or more, if the Director expects more people).  While making large quantities of food is usually not a problem, the timing of getting it all out at once can be tricky due to the limitations of the stoves & ovens on-site.  You should be familiar with the equipment you have available to you, and plan ahead how you are going to both prepare and distribute the food efficiently.

Many times, there will be other players or parents on-site who will be willing to help.  The Director should be able to get you additional help if you ask ahead of time.


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