Props are an essential part of Knight Realms.  From  swords and armor, to coins and gems you win from a monster, to the scenery in the Dragon's Claw Inn or a cabin, Knight Realms uses many props.

Weapons and Armor are covered in their own sections, since they are special considerations.  What we will cover here is scenery and other background props.

You might wish to decorate your cabin with a tapestry, an authentic looking valuables trunk, medieval styled goblets, furs, and on and on the list goes.

Many Medieval or Renaissance looking items can be found on-line or in catalogs. Links for some common and reliable vendors can be found on this site. While props from these specialized vendors typically look great, you will probably pay a premium for them.  Make sure you check into the quality of the item as thoroughly as possible. The best way to be sure that an item will suit your needs is to inspect it in person - either at a store or booth or from someone else who bought it. Many of these specialty vendors get their items from the same source, but charge different prices – make sure you do some window shopping before you buy.  You will be surprised to find a price difference in the tens or even hundreds of dollars for some more expensive items.

If you're willing to settle for less authenticity in favor of much better prices, thrift shops and discount department stores like Marshall's and Target are excellent places to get props.  In the home and garden sections of these store, you can find all sorts of knickknacks and larger pieces that work well in a fantasy setting. Candlesticks, baskets, bottles, paintings, and the like make for great atmosphere and are usually easy to find.

A bright red glowing Coke Machine in the middle of camp may seem like  a beacon of hope on most hot days, but in the middle of Knight Realms it's an eyesore. Covering it with a stone blanket - a large blanket or tarp painted with a stone brick pattern - is a good way to get it out of sight and the modern world out of mind.  Many other modern items can be covered or hidden as well. However, under no circumstances should you conceal or relocate a fire extinguisher.


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