Shields are a staple element of any fantasy game, and a fighter's best friend in combat (besides their weapon, of course).  This covers the basic information you need to know to make a shield for use at Knight Realms.

Maximum shield sizes are as follows:

Small - 18" diameter, or 18" height and width.

Medium - 30" diameter, or 36" height and 28" width.

Large - 42" diameter, or 54" height and 36" width.

A shield should be safe - for the person using it, her opponent, and any other items involved in the melee (specifically, boffer & latex weapons that will be hitting it.  No one wants to wreck a $100 latex sword on a poorly made shield).

Shields may be made of any material the builder desires, as long as the edges are protected and padded on all sides by 5/8" pipe foam (the same kind used on boffer weapons).  Plywood and cardboard have been used successfully in the past, and if treated properly, are durable in even the worst conditions.

A shield should be under the control of its bearer at all times, and should not fly loose in combat.  A garage door handle and a strap system on the back will do this nicely, allowing for fine control while allowing for ease of use.

Decoration of a shield is highly encouraged, for both RP and atmosphere purposes - your shield should be easily recognizable from across the battlefield.  Please refrain from using symbols that are OOG or modern in nature, as this breaks the atmosphere of the game.


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