"Spell Packets" are the bean-bags that are used to represent spells, prayers, alchemy, and other effects that can be thrown or cast over a distance.  They should be designed to be safe to throw at someone, while also being environmentally friendly.

A typical spell packet is a 6" square of fabric filled with about a spoonful of bird seed and tied shut with a string.  The packet should be large enough to be easy to handle and throw, and have enough weight to let the target feel it when it hits (especially under padded winter clothing or armor), but not so heavy / hard that it will hurt.  If the packet is too small / light, it will not be accurate when thrown, or felt on impact.  If it is too large / heavy, it will be difficult to carry & store, throw, or be unsafe to use.

A couple tips for making spell packets:


  • A typical packet should be 6" square when cut out.
  • Use about a tablespoon of birdseed in the packet.
  • Tie the packet with string or twine.  Do not use staples or rubber bands, as these are not environmentally friendly.
  • When you are done, let your friends throw them at you.  If you don't think this is safe, neither will the person you are throwing them at during the game.
  • Spell packets should be thrown for accuracy, not speed and power.  You are not going for a fastball speed record.  No matter how hard you throw, your spell / prayer / alchemy will still do the same amount of damage.
  • Use bright colors that will be easily spotted outdoors.  When you run out of packets and want more, or when clean-up happens, you want to be able to easily see the packets to pick them up.  Making them from camouflage patterns and colors is a bad idea.  Hunter Orange, Gold & Silver Metallic, and other colors that are easy to spot at night and in the woods are recommended.



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