The Character Card System at Knight Realms not only keeps track of your skills and abilities at the game, it allows you to view your character's progression on-line, making plans on how you want to advance them.

Once you have attended your first event, and turned in a card with your email address on it, you can access your card and personal information at:

New Character Creation



Rules governing the Card System

The following notes are designed to help you get the most out of the card system, while also making sure everyone is treated fairly and equally, including the Staff!

  • The boxes that contain Character Cards - both to be picked up, and those that were turned in - may ONLY be accessed by a member of the Staff, or a Logistics Marshal. At no time may anyone else go into these boxes looking for a card. This is to both maintain the privacy of the players and their cards, and to ensure that all players check in properly and follow the sign-in process (Paying, NPC shift, etc.). Anyone caught looking in these boxes who is not authorized will receive a Rules Violation.
  • The boxes will be stored out of sight, and will only be accessed by a Logistics Marshal or Staff member on request. If you need to pick up your card, or turn it in, please check with / hand it to a Logistics Marshal.
  • When writing stuff on your card, please try to place it near the Skills Learned section of the card. This makes it easier for the Card Officer to spot and enter into the system. (If you write it on the front, they may miss it.) This includes things such as Baptisms, Resurrections & Reanimations, curing Insanities & Diseases, etc. The exception to this is SP, RP, and Gold changes, which have their own sections on the front of the card.
  • Any time a change is made, that change should be initialled and given a card number. If a comment such as "+1 Build" or "Error on Shield Bash" is there without a signature, it will be ignored.
  • If you make a correction on your card, please only mark it once. Making the same correction multiple times on the card will cause confusion. Make sure you specify WHY the correction is there - not just "Missing 10 build." Ask a Staff Member to sign off or do it for you, if possible.
  • Please be specific and thorough in filling out your card. Never assume that the Card Officer will make an assumption or leap of logic on your behalf - spell it out for them, to make their job easier. For example, if you earn your Promotional Skill, please put "Master Teach (0)" with it - don't assume they will figure out to add it automatically for you.
  • If you forget to turn in your card at the end of an event, please scan it (both sides) ASAP and send it to immediately after the event. Cards that are not turned in will not be processed, and will be given a Rules Violation for lack of Camp Clean-Up, NPC Duty, etc.
  • If you must leave camp early, make an effort to be signed off by the Director for NPC Duty, and Camp and Cabin Clean-Up, before you leave. A good way to do Camp Clean-Up early is to help in the Kitchen, especially washing dishes post-feast.
  • If you need to report an issue with your card, ONLY use the "Report an Issue" link on the Card System. Do not PM, Facebook, IM, Text, or Carrier Pigeon the Card Officer, or talk to any other Staff members and assume it will reach the Card Officer. This will ensure your issue gets addressed properly, and not lost in Facebook land, on someone's phone, etc.
  • Lastly, please remember to be patient, polite, and understanding to the Card Officer. Updating the cards is 40+ hours of work each month - usually over 200 cards an event - and takes a LOT of time and effort.



Sample Character Card

Here is an inforgraphic of how the front of a Knight Realms Character Card is laid out.

The back of the cards are pre-printed, and do not change - any live data will only appear on the front of the card.

Special thanks go to Larry Wile for putting this together for us!


New Card Introduction


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