Results of Experiment WG-MDCCCXCVII

The Drow were right not to trust such a... gift as this ritual, but even I could not have foreseen that they would attempt to test it on that surface-elven holiday. How delicious.

The one to whom I gave the scroll managed to capture and successfully perform the ritual on a Kormyrian human who calls himself Valhalla VanZandt, hereafter referred to as the subject. I must observe him for a time to see if the ritual has any unanticipated effects in the long-term. That the ritual worked at all proved that enough chaotic energy could make a ritual that can be cast with any colors of the weave. This is a huge step, as the implications are severe and the possibilities endless. The ritual successfully corrupted a portion of the subject's very soul with demonic essence, which was rejected as theorized, and was able to give the demonic essence a tie to the spirit realm. This corruption manifested itself on the subject's body in the prime material plane in the form of a black festering wound on the subject's face.

The creature was brought to term successfully once the subject was brought through the phocus, thus proving my theory that one can create a creature native to more than one plane. While this made the creature powerful, it is a careful balance, as I suspect attempting to create a such a creature across too many planes could prove unstable, but even that may have its uses. It is important to note that while the creature was 'born' on the prime material plane, having such direct ties to the abyss and the spirit realm concurrently made banishment have on odd effect, placing the creature outside of reality for a brief time. I must admit that witnessing the birth of this creature was fantastic, as it literally tore itself out from within the subject's face. It was an unexpected, yet pleasant result.

Infusing the abyssal essence of the creature with hatred and pain during the ritual was successful in creating a beast that could not be stopped with battle. This proved powerful for a time, but Travance was able to find a weakness and exploit the creature's antitheses of mercy and peace to devastating effect. At first, this was but a nuisance, as it could only drive the creature away for a time. Further investigation led to them devising a way to perform a wild ritual of their own to infuse the creature with these energies, cleansing and returning the corrupted portion of the subject's soul. While regrettable, this experiment has proven that the power of chaos can make previously impossible things occur when applied correctly. If I can refine the creature, the ritual itself is easy enough to cast for anyone ambitious enough to do so. It would not be difficult, once perfected, to distribute similar rituals across the world.

With that in mind, I must shelf this research for now, as more important matters require my attention, but I'm sure I can use at least some of what I've learned here in those instances as well. I hope to resume this course of study soon, and refine these principles into something more stable.






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