((OOG -Many townsmembers stormed the Knight Blade base a week ago. A select group headed straight for their alchemist’s lair.  The information within can be pieced together from hearing the stories floating around.))

Try as they might to prevent the red light from casting upon the wall, it was written into fate and destined to happen. An iron automaton child crafted by a peculiar alchemist, origins unknown; projected the light upon the back wall of the laboratory. The red darkened and swirled, appearing an odd vortex of shadows and mist. The crowed observed in anxious horror as finally the forms gave way to the shape of a humanoid form, devoid of detail, and dark.

A deep voice echoed through the room. “Tell me your progress on the cure…”

Everyone looked at each other uneasily, unsure of what to do. Finally when one did begin to speak up they were cut off by the voice. “You are not Desmond… What have you done with the alchemist?”

Many voices spoke up in response: “He is detained...” “He is dead...” “He is outside...”  “Who are you?” spoke one among the crowd.

There was no covering up what was going on, it was clear to the mysterious figure. The shadowy form was still and silent for many moments its piercing eyes of darkness judging all within the room… “I am the Shadow King” it said…  “I will be your death, if you so wish it… and so you would do well to forget that you ever heard of me!”

The image shifted and then faded away and the light from the automaton disappeared.  A dark shadow appeared in the room, crawled along the floor and then enveloped the solid iron child. As the shadow faded, nothing but broken chunks of iron lay in its place. The room began to tremble and the beams of the building started to buckle and collapse…

Shadow King


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