Baronial Report on Chaos Orbs and Magical Dead Zones

Approximately one year ago a strange orb was introduced into our environment, its origins unknown. Abilities ebbed from the orb with similarities of wild magic, or rather the large dramatic explosions that can erupt from those who wield it. After a few such of these explosions, the orb settled in the field next to the Dragons Claw Inn. As the orb dissipated, an enigmatic area settled in its place. This area prevented the use of any magic, including spell like abilities invoked from special items, up into and including ancient artifacts. The area is approximately ten feet in diameter and has been named by some “The Magical Dead Zone” It is not easily visible to the untrained eye, but a feint glow can be seen if the area is stared at for long enough.  Due to the constant threats against our barony, this anomaly has been largely left to the side and no further knowledge about it has been discovered as of yet…



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"Simply remember, keep a calm mind and foster benevolence. Walk in the light, and let goodness be your shield. Someday, we will all triumph over this chaos and evil and allow peace to flourish, but only if we remain steadfast now. The true test is before us every day."

~Lord Gorn Solcastin to Roland Darkstone, on life in Travance

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