Updated Baronial Report on Chaos Orbs and Magical Dead Zones

Through the aid of the baronies dedicated scholars, we have uncovered the following addiional information. 

On the matter of Chaos Orbs – These concentrated balls of pure chaotic energy are known now to be vulnerable against Positive Energy. An extremely large amount of positive damage may eventually cause the Chaos orb to be canceled out or destroyed. In the event that you come across an Orb that has just planted itself and is preparing to metamorphosis into a magical dead-zone, you can disrupt the process if you can have a druid germinate the ground around it. This disruption, while repeatable, lasts only a brief time and buys you more seconds to burn it down with positive energy. They appear to spawn from certain types of demons, once such demon known as Fel’Narax was in Travance this moon and released several of them in the proper.

On the matter of the Magical Dead Zones – It has been determined that this area is a pinning of sorts between the prime material plane and the Abyss. Any Magic that comes close to it, leaves the prime material plane and travels instantly into the Abyss. If left alone, they could last for any duration of time between mere seconds to multiple centuries. These areas have been reported to be appearing in all parts of the world and the Demon Prince Xualla has been reported to be using these dead-zones to teleport between them in order to influence numerous parts of the world in a brief period of time.

Such a dead zone may be destroyed, but the process is not without complication and limitations. With the correct amount of concentration one may open the pinpoint of the area and hold it open for others to walk through and travel to the abyss on the other side. While on the other side, if a healer, witch hunter or white sorcerer concentrates to use their positive energy to create an Orb of Order, they may then plant it and create the antithesis of this area on the other side. This action causes both to cancel each other out in a matter of minutes. Be warned, the process of creating one of these may take ten to twenty minutes and they abyss is flooded with dangerous demons. The stress this process puts on the planes causes such an occurance to be performed only once every three to four weeks. The stress on the creator of he Orb of Order is such that they can only make such a concentration of positive energy once every three to four months. 

Furthermore, our scholars have been researching possible reasons behind this occurrence, and have theorized a few possibilities. The first possibility is that the demons of the abyss are attempting to siphon the weave from the prime material plane and relocate it to the abyss, to greatly increase their power. A second possibility is that the demons of the abyss are attempting to collapse the two planes upon each other to bring about total annihilation of life on both. A third and final theory is that the demons of the abyss may be attempting to achieve a life long dream to invade the prime material plane and make it their new home. The validity of all three of these possibilities are as of yet unproven, however likely they may sound.  


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