Re: General Harrison Kormyre 130520h
Reports from Helm's Hall, Calisvorn read sightings of Kessia and Revanthas. Forward guard decimated. Few Survivors. Witness claims the soldiers' blood erupted from the bodies like daggers.

Re: General Harrison, Kormyre 130528c
Coast Haven War Ship, C.H.S. Bathory, found shipwrecked. No survivors. Captain Peldritch found pinned to mast with katana through heart. All corpses discovered devoid of blood. Khitan believed to be working with Kessia and Revanthas.

Re: General Harrison, Kormyre 130606G
Kessia and Revanthas spotted in Fae'Glythindal. Hundreds killed. Unknown Wounded. Motives Unknown.

Re: General Harrison, Kormyre 130613r
Fireball seen flying overhead Alok Malagan. Chaos Orb noted as left behind.

Re: General Harrison, Kormye 130615x
Gaaldron forces are moving south. Scramble 15th, 17th, 34th, 83rd battalions to intercept.

Re: General Harrison, Kormyre 130618f
Dead Zone dropped in Locke Square, Alieander. Evacuation protocols are being put in place. Your family is safe. They will be relocated to the Burnshaw Barracks.

Re: General Harrison, Kormyre 130622w
Dead Zones discovered in Emerald Glade, Mandala, and Cepher's Horn. Selendrias launching assault on Crownhurst, Londwyn. Selendrian Officials believe Londwyn working with demons Xualla and Fel'Narax.

From the Desk of General Joshua Harrison, Kormyre 130625A
Reports from all over the world continue to bring troubling news. Many nations are unaware of what goals the twins Kessia and Revanthas aim for. Our belief is that they and the demon Fel'Narax are preparing for an invasion of some kind. With the world war spanning all of Arawyn, the demonic forces may wipe us out completely if we do not stand fast. A final report has reached my desk. Kessia and Revanthas have been sighted outside the castle gates. No hostile action has been taken by either of them as of the delivery of this report. My men are mobilizing. The castle must be not be breached. The Knights of Kaladin have taken our King to safety. We must stop them.

This will be my final report.
Hope is not lost.


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