With Sakatha's death at the hands of Travance's heroes and Lance the Boar's legacy finally coming to an end, the living Lizardkin scatter to the winds decimated by the onslaught of their kin. The air tribe who remain look to the sky for answers. The earth tribe gathers the few that are left and move to greener pastures. The water tribe goes back to the rivers and swamps, though now when they trade with humans they feel resentment. The fire tribe gathers deep in the marshes; each red scale gathers his war band and they battle to see who will lead the next raid. The elemental lords, finally unshackled, realize the damage that has been done; there is something wrong with the planes...

Finally a young girl, Amelia Draven, can rest having fulfilled her family's debt to Lance the Boar.

A man's destiny has been written, yet so many others still remain to be discovered... 



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The Heavens

Waxing Gibbous Moon
Waxing Gibbous Moon
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Drow general (after finding and healing Cinder): "Should we allow you to live?"

Cinder: "Yes, allow me to live."

Drow: "What will you do if we let you go?"

Cinder: "Well, now that I know all of your faces, I will hunt you down and kill every one of you."

Drow: "Alright men, kill him again."

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