(This letter is found dirty and half torn, in the corner of the Dragon's Claw Inn, under a table. On the outside, it appears to have been addressed to the High Priest Maltraxus of Gaaldron.) 

To All Peoples of Arawyn,

Trying times are upon us. For the moment, the land lies frighteningly still and quiet.  The calm before the storm is coming to an end. The Chaos Orbs around the world are pulsating faster and the demon armies are beginning to march upon us. Although I cannot foresee the outcome, I will remain optimistic in the face of danger.  Regardless of my optimism, this threat is one our world has never seen before. My scholars tell me that presently, at the location of the orbs, the planes have collapsed into each other.  It is just as the demon Xualla described. Soon an invasion will come and this will possibly be known in history as our final stand. I have called a summit to take place in one of Kormyre's baronies. This place is singular because it is a place where much evil and destruction has befallen; yet, its denizens have prevailed and shone brighter after every conflict.  This place is Travance. For Kormyre, this will become the staging ground for our united assault against the legions of chaos.

I have sent this letter; as an offering of peace and unity to all people of the world. A copy has been dispatched to every kingdom that lay claim to land on and beneath the face of Arawyn. We must set aside our differences old and new.  We must be a united people under a banner of hope. A people united not under a banner of light, or in the shadows of dark or by the fist of authority; but in the hope of Arawyn's survival. We do not have time for conflicts of interests or conflicts of land. All kingdoms are invited to send their voice to be heard. Let us share our knowledge and plan for the worst so that we might brace for the impact and stand firm against this oncoming storm.

I know that this missive seems grim; but take solace in our determination. We will not falter or perish. No war is fought without personal loss and none can say who or what will be lost. Your friends, your neighbors, and your family may not survive to see the turning of the year. However, united as one people we will endure. Let us set our minds on plans for battle. Let us prepare to destroy those who will attempt to murder our loved ones.  Let us school the enemy such that they know any attack will be met with fervor.  Let them know that their acts of atrocity will come at a great and terrible cost. Let them feel the wrath of a people, defending thier home. Let them regret. 

Hope lives.

By mine own hand,
King Aleric Nostrov
King of Kormyre



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