Future Denizens of the New World,


The “Great Re-inhabitation” has begun!


All over the world, our forces now begin to make the crossing into our new home. In a few months time, our supreme overlords Xualla and Balfurous will make their personal and grand entrance into your world. They have chosen your plot of land, to claim as the thronne of the new world. Prince Xualla has decided to extend to you a one-time offer.


One month from now, any of you who wish to do so, may enter the grand portal and present yourself to Prince Xualla in his throne room. Once you have done so, you will have thirty of your minutes to take audience of any kind with his grand reverence, during which you should bend the knee and swear your undying loyalty. Anyone who swears loyalty will be spared during the Re-inhabitation. You will be allowed to stand along the sidelines of the purging, and will not be harmed by the Prince of Hell, his compatriot Balfurous, or any of their demon kind during this time. After the world is re-born, you may serve Xualla personally, in this, his new home.


Those who will do so need but think the desire to take some part in this offer to meet Xualla in the flesh and you will all be gathered and brought through in saftey and at a time of his exaltedness's choosing.  This will be your only chance to have audiance with your new ruler in the flesh, before the blood wash occurs. You may use this time to inquire about your future or ask Xualla for mercy for loved ones or favors in return for loyalty. 


Such a great opportunity and honor does not come without cost. Any who come through the portal and take advantage of this offer, will as a display of sincerity, be forced to return though your worlds phocus. His exaltedness will accept this fealty from as many as all of you, to as few as one, though let it be known that such a benevolent gift will not be offered twice and all those who fail to accept it will die a most painful and absolute death.


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