So it was that the Valarian Army left Travance as quickly as it arrived. Baronial Scouts seeking to find the whereabouts of the Valarians came back reporting of a grisly scene. In the field of battle where the main force faced off against the Queens Loyal Guard all that remained were the remnants of great fires with chard poles set in the ground. The burned remains of those still loyal to the Queen were chained in place and those that weren't burned were left live and bound to be feasted upon by the crows. From what the Scouts could count they suspect that the Valarian Inquisition took no mercy on the Loyalists.

Back in Valaria word of the Queens treachery spread like wildfire. At first the anger at the betrayal was focused on the Queen, but before long the anger turned to hate and the hate became a rage. Soon that rage turned inward to Mages and the Valarian Nobility. Magic did this. Magic lead to this corruption, and nearly brought about our doom. Just as it is at sea, a tidal wave of rage among the people is impossible to stop and the people of Valaria were determined to cleanse themselves of this corruption. On the boarders of Valaria for the months to come, the stench of burning flesh will be linger on the air for miles; and in the dark of night, the unnerving glow of the Inquisitions fire will be seen far off across the horizon. It is not just the Mages and Nobles that fall victim; for anyone that dare interfere with the work of the Inquisition find themselves targets. Gentle Gaians, and Peaceful Andorans too will soon find themselves equally persecuted.


Near the boarder of Valaria a notice is found…

Be it known to all who read this. That from this day forward and for all time, the practice of magical arts is hereby and forthwith outlawed under pain of death. Any so caught practicing magic shall be put to the stake and cleansed of their heresy by fire. Any so accused of practicing magic shall face the Inquisitional Courts.

Further by the word of Galladel there shall be no other held higher than he. All other idolatry is outlawed, any act of apostasy shall be punishable by death. Any so accused of apostasy shall face the Inquisitional Courts.


 By my hand with the authority granted to me in his Holy Name

- Cardinal Alexi Varzinov


… So it is that Valaria purged itself of its internal threats and turned inward to the only thing they found comfort from, their faith in Galladel. Off in the distant surrounding forests, people reported seeing a giant tree burst from the canopy and reach high into the sky. From that moment forward the nights seem less deep and the stars shone a bit brighter. In dark corners throughout the Kingdom of Valaria, people began the whisper of a new name. A new hope that would bring light to their darkened land; and that name was Valos.


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