The following religious documents are written and published by Father Lazurus DeShealand of Visagalis…

The Truth of Visagalis

A very long time ago, there was one power in the world. In the early days, this one power crafted and gave life to all the aspects in the world that you are aware of now; all that is except for Fate. After a while, the creator realized that while it witnessed the beginning, and lived in the present, it knew little of where it was going, and so after curiosity could be bared no longer, Visagalis created the aspect of Fate. Looking deep into this freshly born aspect, it saw its path, and ultimately its complete journey leading to its utter destruction. Visagalis chose at that point to change its own fate, through a masterful and carefully laid design.  It created strife amongst its own aspects, pitting them against each other to a brutal end. Over the years this strife would grow and with the inhabitants of the world, so vehemently apposed to one another, they were constantly testing there mettle, and grew stronger, and stronger, until they reached a height of power so great that they would be able to prevent the moment of Visagalis’s demise.  For countless centuries this growth was fostered deliberately for the one and singular moment that has just now passed.

With the turning of the Age, and the threshold of the worlds end successfully crossed and avoided, Visagalis has once again made itself known, choosing to reveal these secrets and histories little by little to those it has deemed blessed. Even still there is much to be re-discovered about “The One God”. His faithful now grow in numbers with every passing day and little by little the curtain is drawn back for those who wish to become enlightened.

The Gods of the Second and Third Age

To begin the strife, Visagalis introduced Good and Evil as tools to influence the aspects, but they are not seen as aspects themselves. From good, the gods of light where created, and those gods drew their power from a handful of the aspects. From evil, the gods of darkness were created, and drew their power from a handful of the aspects.  Some of these gods were replaced by humans who walked the gold strand and ascended to the highest of divine power. Over the years, shifts withen have taken place, but always have the gods of the seconds and third age struggled in a battle of good versus evil. Priests of Visagalis believe that the purpose for this struggle is over and now focus on the original aspects, while devout followers of the gods of light and dark believe that the purpose for the struggle is never over and still cling to the confrontation. Because of their beliefs, Priests of Visagalis do not concern themselves with good or evil, also referred to as light and dark, and leave that solely to those who remain loyal to the gods the second and third age. Even though the church does not engage in the philosophical battle of the old gods, it does understand society and the need for the world to survive and thrive. As such the church promotes that which society deems the most necessary for that end. It acknowledges the laws of all kingdoms it passes through and will at all times seek to help that kingdom grow in the manor in which it wishes.

Priests of the Aspects

Lay peoples have begun to refer to priests of Visagalis as “The Priests of the Aspects”.  Worshipers of Visagalis choose to devote their lives honoring and exploring two aspects. Those aspects tend to seed a deep passion within the priests who have chosen them. For this reason it is recommended to the flock that if they choose one “aggressive” aspect, that they decide to choose a “non-aggressive” aspect to temper their soul and allow their lives to feel more balanced.

These aspects are the focus of the religion, as the aspects are the original true creations of Visagalis.  The aspects are as each follower sees and interprets them, and your service to Visagalis is a life long journey to explore these aspects.  There is a base interpretation for each aspect, which the church itself has declared. These are explained in the work entitled “Beliefs of the Aspects.”

Beliefs of the Aspects:

Authority - Leaders inspire people to act, people in action changes the world.

Chaos - Certainty leads to complacency which leads to apathy, which leads to the death of the soul.

Compassion - Empathy allows us to understand each other, which leads us to understand ourselves.

Corruption - Corrupting forces test our souls to see if they are worthy.

Creation - The art and science of crafting brings utility and beauty to the world.

Death - All must die to end suffering, to end misery, and to feed new life.

Destruction - Every act of life is one of destruction. The result of the destruction is in your hands.

Fate - Everything happens for a reason, but it doesn’t mean we need to accept that reason.

Knowledge - Knowing something makes it more real, what is well known is real despite its truth.

Law - Pacts between people must be fair, and abided by for all to benefit.

Life - This is the question which is answered by itself, what is the meaning of life?

Purification - When the ills of the world wear you down, there is salvation in purification.

Spirit - The actions we take are forever recorded on our soul. Be wise what you do.

Torment - Suffering is a great motivator for change. What motivation do you seek?

War - It is, at times, necessary to be the gardener ridding the garden of weeds.

Final words from Father Lazurus

Blessed people of this world, I ask you to consider the possibilities of your future enlightenment. We need strong willed people to join us in our quest to help this world in these troubled times. Currently the “Church of Visagalis”, formerly referred to as “The Band of Broken Vows” is traveling the outskirts of the Barony of Travance, bringing aid and comfort to those who are in need. I will be in the proper on your next feasting day, long enough to hold a large and open sermon and I hope that you will attend.

For those who do not wish the enlightenment, do not fear; for it is understood that patience, compassion, and understanding are sometimes needed to help foster this enlightenment in the hearts of men and women. No matter what god you call out to, as long as you seek to help the society in which you live, thrive and prosper, then the Church of Visagalis stands with you.

Stay safe, for the world is fragile and in need of strength…


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