Castle Nostrove

Inverness is safe and heading to the King. The Castle is in Kormyre’s hands once again, thanks to the heroes of Travance. The invaders who call themselves “The Kingdom of Avondale” have proven that what was seen as aggressive acts were actually intentions of genuine and pure folk.  Donovan Stonewall and his men are released after a tense night of talks.  They are joining the efforts to fortify and rebuild the castle.  They are preparing for any encounter with the unknown.

Their number is now one hundred and twelve, with a few dozen more coming each day.  Armed militias are being transferred from the barony of Travance to the Castle in Kormyre through use of the reaching room. The Count has also put the call out to the Black Keep and soon twice as many of Winterdark guards will be there as well.  Stonemasons are being sent from both locations in droves, as the castle remains in a bad state.  Just a few days ago the Sphere of the New Dawn appeared to be heading for the castle with an estimated arrival time of two weeks.  Their intentions are largely unknown. What is known is that they are currently the most well organized and well-armed force in possibly all of Arawyn. In the recent days, it is reported that the massive and mysterious organization is heading east into Talenthal instead of north toward the Castle. Despite this news the Count is ordering the original plans for the castle continue, just in case…

Now, begs the question; if the New Dawn is not headed for the castle, then where? Travance? It seems that way, but an army of that size cannot transverse the Rift easily or with any speed. Just as it began, this group remains an enigma, and sooner or later answers must be had…


*     *     *     *     *


The Gods on Arawyn

An angel named Ill’uin’duir aided the clergy of Travance in securing a permanent path to the Sanctus Lumanarium, the stronghold of the Valosian Faith on this world.  During this noble quest, they learned that the Gods are currently walking the earth.  After the planes collapsed from the demon invasion of Xualla, the damage in the godly realms was so massive that they were almost unable to be repaired.  It is only with much healing, that one day they will once again return to their former glory.  While the spirits of the dead still travel to these realms, the dominions are in an almost cocoon-like status of healing and repairing.  The Gods knew this restoration would happen far faster without their presence or that of their champions. Thus they have all come to the prime material plane. The Gods have the power to take on any form.  However, they are largely keeping to themselves and waiting for their home planes to heal.  They will not continue the ascended war on the prime material plane because they understand that such immense powers fighting on this realm would destroy it.  Neither side has an interest in a destroyed world.


*     *     *     *     *


The Age of Uncertainty

Has there ever been a more interesting time to be living on the world of Arawyn?

Civilizations have collapsed. The factions of the old world and the new are scrambling to pick up the pieces.  Will the landscape of civilization look similar to the way it did near the end of the third age or will it be entirely different? If the damage extended to the very planes of existence, could they not have extended to other continents of the world, both known and unknown? How did they fare in all of this and will it even matter?

The King lifted the laws against the followers of darkness.  Will this strengthen us for the time being only to destroy us in the future? How long will this last and where is the King now? Does the Kingdom of Kormyre still exist, or are there only pockets of civilization that think it does? There certainly are fragments that believe it fallen; who is to say which side is correct?

If the Gods walk the world, then who is safe from the influences and manipulations of a higher power? Is the beggar at the corner of the Inn actually Valos? What of this new God Visagalis? At what point do the tales of this new religion blur from fact into fiction?  How will all of this affect the churches that people have known for centuries? How will it affect the lay people of the world?

The prophecies call the fourth age the age of uncertainty. Thus far, that has been held up in its highest form. There are more questions than answers.  For every answer given, two more questions arise.  Will there be no end to the questions, or will all be made clear in time?

As a stark contrast to the previous age, the people of the world feel that nothing is certain. Now there is a greater battle in which the people must hone and sharpen inner tools that have not been needed for some time. Their weapons, their minds, and their very souls are being tested.  In each person lives a beast locked in conflict.  Everyone must answer the singular question: “Who will you be?”… 


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