In the darkness a large force gathers. Dark eyes glowing red with the use of infravision wait as a man speaks to the assembled group. At the climax of the man’s speech finely crafted and efficient weapons are raised in cheer. The details of this event are unclear…

*     *     *     *     *

The Dwarven refugees have been working and toiling for the past few months. The walls of Calisvorin are nearly rebuilt, and though the dwarven people are hungry, their stronghold is functioning. The food sent by Travance’s land of Alisandria has greatly improved the health of the refugees, though oddly the last shipment never arrived. Regardless, the Dwarves loaded some of their best teams for the journey to Travance, though as they were ready to leave they noticed a large army surrounding their homeland.

The Dark Dwarves cut off all trade and help to the survivors in Calisvorin, they siege the stronghold while a delegate tries to negotiate terms. The Dwarves will not listen to demands and would rather die then negotiate with their dark brethren. King Val-dan knowing his people cannot survive the siege against his home swallows his pride and asks to bring the Dark Dwarfs claim to the only land still strong after the devastation, Travance. The Dark Dwarf leader accepts and the two delegations head toward Travance proper in hopes of a peaceful resolution…


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