Displeased with the failure of his minions, his gaze falls upon a glittering object of unknown origin. It half pulsed and then died… it wanted to work, but it was missing a vital part, a part that he can feel in that distant, dreadful town of Travance. A part of the world, most would learn to fear… but sooner or later the greed would set in and for the greatest of prizes, risks must be made…

*     *     *     *     *

The dark elves found it troubling that the frost giants block their exits to the surface world, but they are crafty and determined to find another way. In Calisvorin small skirmishes are all that remains of the Dark Dwarf menace. Those not truly loyal to Bergor's cause have retreated to the original Dwarven stronghold Flamestone, muttering bitterly that the Dwarf King Val-dan is a coward. While the Dwarves suffered some losses they were able to stop the siege and once again supplies are beginning to flow.

King Val-dan sits in the throne room where his father was murdered. His brow furrows as his mind races uneasily. The burden he put upon Travance might become to much, but he holds hope that his faith in the hero's will hold true. Lord Azmar begins filling out decrees about the dwarves who helped the King and the negotiations. In the Knights personal forge he begins crafting runic pendants, for those who lended them aid in their time of need deserved no less......


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