History of the Darkholme
As written by Patron Salindor Dey’Ruax on the three hundred and fortieth ring of the Spyirdown.

The nation of Darkholme is the single largest, most expansive nation in existence, its earthen and rock walls reaching out to the four corners of the world. The never-ending labyrinth of the Darkholme is littered with structural compounds comprised of mansions built in a mix of carved stone and extremely ridged vegetation, illuminated with gentle glowing mosses and stones.  These breathtaking homes are inhabited by the ruling families of the glorious Ilythiiri Elves, dark of skin and light of hair.  The greatest of these homes is known as KA, a stunning compound of unimaginable size and beauty, it is a danger to those who would breech it’s gates unwanted. This compound is the seat of the Darkholme Empire from where the Prime’arch family passes down its benevolent blessings, and sometimes its harsh judgment, upon the other royal families of Darkholme.  

The origins of the Ilythiiri Elves trace back to a time when they dwelled upon the surface with the pale elves. A great and inconsolable rift between them caused the Ilythiiri to create the Empire of Darkholme. Since the great split, the royal families have been the stalwart guardians of the Darkholme, taming wilds of the dark and mastering their life without the light.  Each royal family is ruled by “The First Born” who becomes known as Patron, if born male, or Matron if born female. The honor of this title is passed down appropriately in the event of death.

The royal families of Darkholme rise and fall in their hierarchy of rank based off of the sole command from the ruler of the prime-arch family. With every year that a new ring grows upon the Spyirdown, the Prime-arch family declares the current prestige ranks of the royal families. Every royal family holds superior rights above the families below it in rank. Sometimes these rights are exercised, while at other times they are not, forethought is a well practiced…

The sound of soft leather footfalls could be heard in the distance. Don’Kallard paused, lifting his quill from the parchment, and slowly slid his left hand along the cold stone table, positioning it closer to the black mythril long sword that lay upon it.  He was not used to the level of security he now had, and in truth he did not trust in it.

As the figure approached, it spoke allowed, “Prime’arch, Patron Aziuos from the Royal Family of Artiss’Aryth has arrived as requested.” Don’Kallard eased up, and motioned for the guard to allow the visitor into his halls. Patron Azious was particularly large and stocky for an Ilythiiri, yet even still he moved smoothly before the large stone desk and somehow managed an elegant bow before his superior.

Don’Kallard reached for a pile of scrolls that sat at the corner of his desk, and grabbed one. “This is the history of the last two hundred years of the royal family of Artiss’Aryth. Have multiple copies made, and keep the master copy safe in your compound archives. Have all of your high family members read it and memorize it, in fact have them transcribe the extra copies themselves. You will recite the history to your family’s retainers and slaves, and you will do this every cycle until the next ring on Spyirdown forms. Understood?”

“Yes Prime’arch” The Patron took the scroll from Don’Kallard and then took a step backwards. He seemed as if he would turn and leave, but instead his gaze lingered uncomfortably, until finally he found the courage to speak again, “Prime’arch. The demon . . . it hasn’t left our compound yet. Our efforts to re-build are slowed by its presence… and it makes demands of my people, that seem to differ from what we were expecting.”

Don’Kallard wrung his hands together tightly and fought hard not to appear annoyed by the news. “It will leave in time, Patron Azious. Until then, you best not anger it else you will bring its unneeded wrath.  No worthwhile goal is achieved without complications and difficulty, and make no mistake, what we have achieved here is legendary. You are dismissed Patron”

For hours he sat in deep thought, playing out scenario after scenario in his head. He stared down at the cold flat empty desk, what he was really studying was a complex web existing only in his mind.  Finally, Don’Kallard called in Dor’Aharus the appointed Castleton of the massive KA compound. “You will need to watch things for a few days. I have some business to attend to in a far off place.  This thing could come crashing down on us as quickly as it was created, and for us to solidify our new future, concessions will need to be made. The game has changed, and nobody knows the rules. For the sake of our future; to preserve everything we have worked so hard for, I intend to re-write them…”




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