As a calm anticipation of Balfurious’ next move comes over the surface of Arawyn, a quiet song is heard from the shadows. From all across Kormyre rumors of the laughing man crooning his songs in the night multiply. These are not just any songs; they echo the pain and fears of every man, ripping listeners open from the inside out - literally.

Inns and taverns everywhere sit quiet as bards and performers disappear one by one. Those that live by their knowledge and voices sit quietly in fear that the Hollow Song comes for them next. Libraries and great halls sit with an eerie silence. Those within flinch at the very sound of a pin drop.

Guilds of magic reach into their vast coffers to obtain the best of sell-swords to protect what they have. Scholars and mages covet their knowledge hoping and praying that the painful song doesn’t come for them. Once the eerie howls are heard they know that the guards have fallen and then they know what comes next. Many have heard the stories of the powerful spell songs that rip the weave apart and destroy the magic around them.

The Athenaeum of Hollowed Songs is keeping their presence quiet and hidden no more. What are these scrolls they seek and torture for? How has a group so powerful kept quiet and in the shadows for so long? For how long have they waited?



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Waxing Gibbous Moon
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"Maybe not death by chocolate, but definitely a deep wound."

~Lethias, over a cup of Jaxuarian hot chocolate

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