Throughout all of Arawyn heroes and would-be heroes felt the pulse of magic. It washed over and through each individual like a wave. The moment after it touched each person, he or she instinctively felt it was benevolent. In the month that followed the effect of the pulse refined in each person. To some it was a feeling much like a bolstering effect, making them feel braver than they did before. To others it made them feel protective and yet others felt a righteous anger sweep through them. All, however, urgently felt the desire to return to Travance Proper…

*     *     *     *     *

Balfurous triumphed as he witnessed the turmoil the re-forging of Bloodtide caused Travance. “It is time to create them,” he laughed, “bring the specimen to me!” In moments, several creatures were brought before the Demon Lord, some willing, some in chains. Balfurous gathered his will and touched each creature while chanting in an ancient language. Upon his touch, each individual was briefly infused with a cold blue light. The light gathered to one point on each chest and formed into a symbol. No two symbols were the same. “You will be my most powerful creations yet, my Mauvais!” Balfurous seated himself once again on his icy throne, obviously taxed from the ritual. He addressed his creations, “Now that those fools have expended so much effort to create such an exquisitely evil weapon, the protections around my gem have weakened! I can now see its presence more clearly. You will go and retrieve it for me. Gather a force, each of you, and leave immediately!”

 *     *     *     *     *

Whispers, so many whispers that they are nearly shouts.
“It has been re-forged! It is priceless! Our family would never want for anything ever again if I could just get my hands on it!”
“I must have it for my collection. I will do ANYTHING to get it.”
“We must avenge our fallen brother and regain this powerful weapon. “
“We must avenge the death of Her son and destroy this accursed weapon.”
“Did you read the message board in the Dragon’s Claw Inn? He actually admitted to having it…”


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