“My friends, our mission of Peace shall soon begin. We have all lost much in the Demon Wars. Friends, family, lovers. We carry those memories with us now as we strive to put an end to conflict, to hate, and intolerance. We bring no war with us. We bring peace. Peace and freedom. Freedom from urgency and panic. Freedom from rage and war. Freedom from hate and injustice. Throughout all of time the races of Arawyn have fought wars to bring peace. Have sought to bring it about by the use of the antithesis of peace. While the love of battle still exists within the hearts of the people the world will never know a true and lasting peace. We have none of that within our hearts. We have replaced it with the treasured memories of those we have lost to battle. My way to peace shall fill up the hearts of the people. My peace shall give them comfort and love. My peace shall be their peace and salvation from themselves.”
*     *     *     *     *
Those gathered at the central tent in the clearing all murmured agreement, clasping hands and hugging their brethren; as they moved again after remaining still as they listened to their leader, they kicked up the smoke from the incense, lying low on the ground in cold. The braziers glowed warmly with embers as they released their sweet, fragrant smoke, and laughter and conversation began to rise from the crowd as they dispersed into the covered wagons they had adopted as their home, or moved to the fire pit to help prepare the evening meal. It was nice to be settled, to have a home, even one such as this; there were some among them that had lived their entire lives moving from place to place, but now it was looking like they would finally be able to settle in and stay for a time as they sought to spread their message among the people of Travance.


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Waxing Gibbous Moon
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Drow general (after finding and healing Cinder): "Should we allow you to live?"

Cinder: "Yes, allow me to live."

Drow: "What will you do if we let you go?"

Cinder: "Well, now that I know all of your faces, I will hunt you down and kill every one of you."

Drow: "Alright men, kill him again."

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