Custos Pacis.....
            Palar Golos.....
Was there anything left of that name? Could she ever be Palar again? If she couldn't be Palar again could she bare to live with the name Pax had crafted her to fit.


Palar Golos....

                      Custos Pacis.......
As she marched west toward the rift she thought about these things. Travance would find peace in its own way. Without her.  Now she had to find her peace.


                                       Custos Pacis.....
                  Palar Golos.....


Was she anyone anymore? She had to be someone. Maybe just someone else now. Still protective? Yes. Still forgiving? Yes. Still a follower? No. She would not let herself be that person again. She would not let someone else make her decisions for her. What ever person she would be, she would be her own.
 *             *            *            *

Krotos Marsyas was finally at peace. Left behind by the people he thought cared for him he should have been angry. Instead as he walked out into the bright snow and the dark night, finally free of both potion and rage, he felt true peace. The rage that had driven him for so many years was gone. The grief remained but it was softer now. Less like a gaping wound and more like a scab. Healing had begun.
He still had far to go. Healing takes time Forgiveness is a process. If it hadn't been for Travance he would still be trapped in his darkest moment. His mind was free. He could start to forgive himself. 

*             *             *             *

"SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" Percussor clutched her head in her hands. "shut up." She whimpered but she could still hear the words. The accusations. She could hear the townspeople whispering. She could hear Custos reading from that book. She could hear her father yelling. "Shut. Up."
Percussor had run as far and as fast as she could. She wasn't quite sure where she was anymore only that it was quiet. She hoped the stillness of the forest would quiet the voices. The memories. She had to think. Travance had failed to embrace peace. They would simply continue to fight and harm one another. Would they even notice if she did her work as she had done before to silence the voices who opposed peace? No she couldn't afford the risk. She'd have to find Pax first. He would know what to do. He would know how to shut them up.

  *             *             *             *

They landed in Kormyre. It had been a long flight.

"It'll be a day before I can fly back to rendezvous with Percussor."
"Leave her. She failed to do her job. I have no use for a tool that can't follow basic instructions."
"If they find her they'll kill her." Protested the Templar.
"Let her survive or not on her own. If she finds us, good. If she doesn't, better." Responded Pax.
"Fine. So what's the new plan?"
"We'll bide our time. Travance's failure to embrace peace is not the end. We'll start over. Gather a new flock and bring peace to other lands. What does a year or two matter when I have eternity."
"Travance did embrace peace though. They never laid a finger on us. And the fighting ended peacefully. In their own way...."
"But not MY way!" Pax said raising his voice for the first time in decades. He regained his composure. "My way is the only way to achieve true peace. To kill the violence in the souls of men."
"I know" shushed the Templar, placing a hand on his shoulder, "I only meant that next time they may be more receptive. Now where should we go?"
"Gaaldron, Coast Haven, the Underdark, take your pick. All of these places need peace. But first there is something I must correct. You have always been loyal to me Caritatem. I must repay that loyalty. You should know the truth about who I am...."


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