The minions of Malyc turned their eyes on Travance. The healers could be used to further thier masters great and terrible plans. While his servants attended to the tasks set before them, Malyc himself turned his gaze to an enigmatic stone obelisk carved with ancient runes. This thing of power would help him reclaim his foothold on the spirit realm, which was lost when many of his soul harvesters where destroyed. The Obelisk of Spirits was finally in his grasp and he intended to unlock its secrets.

*     *     *     *     *

The air crackled with positive energy, and one more Soul Harvester dissipated into nothingness. The energy around the man slowly cleared as his red cloak settled back about him. He set his gaze far ahead towards the Spirit Obelisk. What he saw was a vast swarm of Soul Harvesters, but what he felt was something even more terrifying if such a thing could even be imagined. 

Another Soul Harvester approached, rushing headlong at him. As he charged up more positive energy to release, the Soul Harvester was instead destroyed by the mighty strike from another’s glowing mace. He heard a familiar voice, "They're making their move on Travance… This is the distraction brother."

The cowl of the red cloaked man nodded slightly, "Very well Shamis, go and watch them, but do not let Malyc’s cultists find you. Something very dark is happening and I fear for the worst..." 

*     *     *     *     *

It started off seeming like a simple illness, but the situation changed into something more concerning. Several nights had passed since the odd sickly woman had been seen skirting around town. Healers were baffled by their inability to seemingly keep the illness at bay and when the woman could no longer be found, several healers themselves had begun showing signs of something… worrisome.


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