A loud cracking sound echoed from the grove as a green path opened from the Malorne tree. Out stepped a thin Jaxuarian woman who appeared extremely lithe and ready for anything that would approach. Next emerged a strong older male with a full mane and a peaceful presence. Immediately after him stepped out another very powerful looking male with an aura of competence and goodness so strong it was nearly visible. The last two to appear were two females who gave the impression that they were fierce and determined warriors more than capable of defending the group. They all stood as if they expected to be greeted by someone or something. The older male lifted his gnarled staff and hit it to the ground. A strong pulse of green energy reverberated outward from the grove as the staff landed and the group followed in its wake toward the buildings of Travance.

Once there, they were greeted by many and shown courtesy from the inhabitants of Travance. Such a large group of Jaxuarians had not been seen across the rift for quite a long time. Strangest of all, these primitive people seemed to be asking for help from the heroes. They told a tale of oppression and persecution by a seemingly uncaring monarch and asked for volunteers to return to the jungle to witness the actions of this ruler. They were not disappointed when over a dozen Travancians volunteered to travel to the Jaxuarian homelands to aid these taciturn creatures.

The group has been gone for weeks and there has been no communication with anyone in Travance.

*     *     *     *     *

Qoo’zol prepared to visit Travance on behalf of his King. How strange that such a remote and relatively fledgling land is so well known on this side of the rift. Fantastic and somewhat unbelievable tales of these people have reached even the Great King Kisin’s ears in the past few years. Now his king wishes to establish a relationship between his kingdom of Chacar and the Barony of Travance. His king says that Travance contains a vast store of resources. Qoo’zol knows he may have a harder time in his task than he should, the troublesome Jaxuarians were rumored to have already visited the new land and have wrongfully poisoned the reputation of his king. He is confident, however, that his experience in statecraft and the obvious benefits he offers will help sway opinions to a more reasonable and understanding side.

Qoo’zol makes ready. The sorcerers have been working on his gate and they say it will be ready in days. Meanwhile he studies the information he has on Travance and her people. He is excited at the opportunity to forge a relationship between two great lands. 



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