King Kisin discovered the hard way that the legends of Travance and their determination to stand strong were founded on hard truths. He was badly beaten and as the stones and stench of decay seemed to dissipate with the morning sun from the fields, no remnants of the great Lich King remained within the proper at all.

Despite Travance’s victory, Anonda and his people were left to return to the jungles without the assurance of safety from the oppression of Kisin. What will they return to? Now that Kisin is aware of the determination of the Jaxuarian people, will he idly sleep and allow them continue to threaten his throne?

Anonda, Shen, Talia and Samine, bruised and battered, quickly returned to the grove to meet with Choyopa. Without words Anonda looked at Choyopa with concern and resolve in his eyes. The paladin Chief fell to his knees and looked to the sky as Choyopa slammed his staff to the ground. The trees shook and yet a quiet came over the grove as the Mallorn tree untwined its body and opened the green path home.

“All is not lost yet Anonda. We have learned a lot from the people of Travance,” Choyopa said, trying to instill his voice with a soothing confidence.

“But we still have no safe home to return to,” replied Anonda.

Choyopa seemed to be truly sad for a moment but then shook himself and squared his shoulders,“Samine and Shen, stay here with Travance as we discussed. Learn and hone your skills. Show them and guide them in the ways of Sol O’Set. I will return for you. There are other places we can go.”  He turned to Anonda, “ Now let me tell you of the New Dawn……


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