Ravik's forces littered the roads of Travance, the hobgoblin threw soldier after soldier at Travance’s shields. They had killed one, only one hero of Travance, Ravik had failed. His death, meant nothing.

High atop Honor’s Peak an Ogre stood, the body of a monster, the mind of a child, yet even with his small mind he understood, he was no longer a weapon, Billium would keep him safe. Weg would never have to hurt anyone again.

Out side of Travance there is an encampment of wild Goblinoids under the command of Korr, they battled against the daily hoards that attacked travance. One amongst them an orc never faces an out numbered opponent, always allows his foes to surrender, always acts with honor. Goard finally lived the life he wished.

And far off in a dark lab a man sat, face hidden by shadows swirling a glass of wine, eight figures surrounding him.

One of the figures spoke, a female voice spoke up “I’m sorry the “Black Knight” was destroyed, I know that one was your favorite”

The man calmly replied “It was a calculated risk, and I still have “The informant” and another golem I can use.” He paused and took a sip from his glass “Do we have any offers”

The female spoke up again “Yes, Galdron, New Galdron, and Evernight are all highly interested, as well as a number of smaller… less successful third parties”

“New Galdron had their chance, and Evernight and Galdron have enough troops as is", the man though briefly “Send me some of the third parties and we will see what we have to work with...”

Another one of the figures, a male spoke out “And when will WE be allowed to participate”

The man sat in his chair and calmy replied “In time, there are many tests to be run before I can release you onto the world… My Perfect Creations”


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