LagorĂșthon sat in his safehouse, panting, his red shirt drenched in unaccustomed sweat. He had barely escaped Travance with his life intact. The people of Travance had caught on far quicker than any of the sponsors had anticipated and as a result, the game had become a disaster. "I knew I should have backed another. That damned holy roller was worthless. In a town with as much death and corruption as Travance, you'd think she'd have been able to get at least ONE kill." He poured himself a glass of wine and frowned. "It was that damned Crux! If not for his foolish pride, we never would have been found out. At the very least, I hope those bloodthirsty Travancians killed that useless Crusader."

Mother Cassidy watched through the small window as her wayward "sponsor" paced about muttering to himself. This was the one who had tricked her into leaving Loez. The one who had attempted to make a mockery of her holy work. She had followed him in secret from Travance to this place he thought safe. She would send him on to Galladell's judgement, and should she go with him, the Crusader would open her arms and receive His judgement no matter the outcome. "No one will come between me and the Judge of Souls' work," she smiled, as she hefted her mace. "No one ever again."

* * * *
Somewhere in Kormyre, a man sat in a lavishly appointed room. "Well, it was amusing while it lasted. The way they all scrambled about, not knowing when the next to strike would be. I understand some escaped as well. They are loose ends. To clean them up for us. Especially The Spider. You said his Necromancy was ripped out of him by a White Sorceress? Fascinating. He has ceased to entertain us, anyway, so like any insect, he should be killed like the inconvenient pest he now is."

A man in the uniform of a valet bowed and turned to leave. Before he could leave the room, the first man spoke up again.

"And Crux? Next time you are asked to participate in one of our little games, if you allow your foolish arrogance and hubris to lead to the premature spoiling of the game like you did here, I will personally see to your execution myself. You are dismissed."

The valet paused before briefly nodding his head and leaving. The man sat in his chair, ruminating.

"Crux had the highest count, but with Sheng Lao dead, he cannot have won the game. Since The Spider had the next highest kill ratio, I suppose that means I win this round."

He allowed himself a small smile.

"I wonder what our next game shall be?"


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