The warband marched through the caverns crawling through the secret spaces beneath the town, which few people ever went or even knew. The initial attacks were successful, the leaders were able to convert many of the town's members. A foothold was established as the ooze spread from one person to the next it began to remember where it had come from, where it had been for so long.

*     *     *     *     *

The prison was ablaze. The unnatural fire ate through the supports and broke down the mortar far too fast. The cries of the people inside echoed through the night, now bright from the inferno. Some present demanded the captives be let out, but fate was not on their side. "Tis a mercy," the Von Ritter thought to himself, "though their bodies remain their spirits had left their physical forms weeks ago. Seems my quarry has spread far throughout the lands, but how?" Still no answers, the Shadow Hunter watched on in grim determination as the building collapsed. Curiously one lone cell stood amidst the embers and rubble.

*     *     *     *     *

Crawling and fighting their way through the caverns, the adventurers arrived at their last location. The young Dwarf knew his caverns and mines, and knew just what areas needed a little extra reinforcement lest there be a collapse. Normally he'd be here warning the others of possible cave-ins, this time he was counting on it. A roar of fire, and earth and stone erupted from the previously inhabited caverns. This main vein of the caverns was now sealed; the ease of travel beneath Travance had just been made anything but.

*     *     *     *     *

They marched, despite the traps' havoc and major losses throughout the day and night. Several of ITs stronger parts were sent elsewhere to continue ITs expansion. IT had the strength but lacked the bodies. IT had to conserve and counter. These Kormyrians proved stronger than anticipated, although an all out assault would probably fail, it would prove to be useful in learning their strengths, strategy, and the heroes' abilities but more importantly their weaknesses. Talon had been called out by some human. The masquerade had all but been entirely abandoned. IT cared not about some tribal custom, or stones, nor any other creature on the field. As the dead were cleared from the battlefield in the minds of thousands of creatures one thought pervaded, "Everest, I am coming for you."


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