The seas be teamin’ with some skulduggery as of late. As the blight spread through Travance, the Coast Haveners have been active. More and more are shipments lost and boats gone a’wry. Port masters be scratchin’ their heads, and somewhere ‘dem buccaneer’s be laughin’.

All in good fun they say as the buccaneer’s make port to bury their booty and toss back a few barrels o’ grog.

But a darker purpose looms on this moon. There’ be dealin’s of the deadly sort goin on’. Ones even de’ buccaneer’s may not know about. For them Travance folk, they awakened somethin’ in that there’ tower of theirs. Tied out into the weaver and makin’ for some dark nights indeed.

But avast, what adventurer’s would ye’ be, if ya didn’t try and figure it out and put some calm to the seas. So when the Tempest comes to town, she be bringing good tidings’ all around. She maybe the key to unlockin’ the chest, but what ye’ find will bring much unrest.

The Brute they call ‘em, tough as can be. Nails be bendin’ upon his thick skin and no one is safe from his scruvy crew. But he ain’t all bad, dependin’ on parlay’s and how big your purse may be! He’ll deal with ya...or shoot ya dead. Worst of all, his plank ain’t been walked on in a while….and he likes nothin’ more than feedin’ them sharks.

Last be the “Ghost,” a pirate legend they say. Lost his soul to a siren and has now finally found his way. But a ghost he is as many cannot see, blind to his tricks fer’ sure you will be. No one know’s his plan and no one ever will, be’ he friend or foe...time forgot to tell.

So as Jonus open’s the inn and Alister hosts the Tempest, it’s time to unlock this mystery and find out the real dealin’s that be goin’ on. Pirate’s they be, but simple folk they are too….lookin’ fer a grog and a tale or two. It’s navigatin’ this map, that’s the rub, like an itch ya’ can’t scratch or a fly in the tub.

Grim tales in the end, but we’ll see who wins, as a game that’s dark and devious takes root and begins....


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Waning Gibbous Moon
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