Lawrence Ludvich

Our client is a spoiled rich kid with an UNHEALTHY obsession with Travance. Bored with the life of an aristocrat he attempted to buy a title for himself and make the stories of Travance's heroes all about him. After being scorned, or ridiculed, or attacked, or whatever he claims, he approached father about a way to claim the town by force... How he managed to get in touch with father I'll never know.

Lawrence lacks any real leadership skills that don't involve finances, though his physical prowess is surprisingly not lacking, this he blames on personal trainers and enough free time to dedicate himself to preparing to join Travance's greatest.

Still Lawrence is a means to an end, Father can further his experiments, and me and my brothers can see the world for the first time, as brief as it may be. While we we're informed to keep our client happy, the second his orders step outside the parameters of the experiment we are given free reign to ignore him.

I must admit I am excited to see this world as it is, despite the fact that we have been informed that this conflict MUST reach a violent resolution in the allotted time I will still attempt to drink in the knowledge of the world while I exist within it, and I know my brothers have similar wishes. Still there is an emotional impulse that I am not familiar with...Jealousy perhaps… I find myself wondering, if father's final stage… if his perfect creations will be treated with the same disposability. Still as father would say “It doesn't Matter …”


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