Lawrence stood at the helm of one of his mercantile ships, heading to a small island a mile from the shore of Coast Haven. Loaded with lantern oil, one of his families many exports, the crew had left the ship some time ago.

Lawrence took a deep breath and thought to himself...“The nobles, snobs, murderers, nothing like the heroes of stories. He could have lead them, he could have made them better… Still those two… they brought him back through the Phokus… they showed him that Heroes CAN exist in that backwater town… this time he would do it right, he would be a hero, and maybe get his revenge for being set up to die.”

The cargo ship sped towards the island, no anchor was cast, no hopes of slowing down…


*     *     *     *      *


Miles to the north of Travance the four brothers had set up camp in the ruins of a civilization long since past. They sat in somber silence knowing their fates. The only solace being their memories of Travance and its nobles. Memories of these humans who were heroes, lovers, fighters, pirates, thieves and priests.

Finally Bartholomew spoke up “Why hasn't he unmade us yet?”

“Gaia?” Brutus asked, half cooked venison hanging from his mouth.

“I doubt it,” Ludwig chimed in “I feel this has little to do with the supernatural… has something happened to his lab?”

Vallius stood up smiling, knowing whatever has stopped their deactivation, it was the results of their new friends in Travance “Or sometimes, the heroes just win, sometimes there is no twist, no knife to the gut, sometimes there is a happy ending”


*     *     *     *      *


On an island not far from Coast Haven, there was beautiful, well-furnished sunroom connected to an oceanfront mansion, luxuriously spread with fineries and set over the lapping waves of the ocean. On it a man sat at a table having breakfast, a silk bathrobe covering his body, and a sun hat blocking view of his face, littered around were eight other individuals.

“How did you enjoy Travance Belberith?” the man spoke calmly.

The largest of the eight figures spoke, adjusting his glasses “It was an enjoyable experience, no need to use force but they are quite the curious bunch”

“Don’t get too attached, I don’t want another repeat of Vallius’ deployment ” the robed man replied

“Of course Father” Belberith replied bowing his head.

A woman stepped forward from the group; the number 01 tattooed on her right hand “Speaking of Vallius and his brothers, will you be deactivating them any time soon?"

“Yes I suppose I should head to the lab and take care of that” the robed man said standing up. He walked over to the window, finish his mug of tea and his eyes suddenly widened briefly before he spoke calmly “We are going to need a new lab very soon”

“Why father?” Another female voice, this one having an air of naivety to her.

“It seems we have a very upset customer” The robed man said while looking at the Cargo ship set aflame barreling towards him only a few feet away “Maybe our next lab will be closer to our target… ah well it doesn't matter.” And with that thought there is a crash of wood, and fire, and metal, yet amongst the rubble these nine figures are nowhere to be found.”


*     *     *     *      *


“Sometimes the heroes just win, and sometimes saving one life can save many more, and sometimes there is a happy ending” - Vallius



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"Simply remember, keep a calm mind and foster benevolence. Walk in the light, and let goodness be your shield. Someday, we will all triumph over this chaos and evil and allow peace to flourish, but only if we remain steadfast now. The true test is before us every day."

~Lord Gorn Solcastin to Roland Darkstone, on life in Travance

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