“There will come a time when a story once hidden and torn from the clutches of the mortal world must be learned again. They will need to know when and where such a man came from, hoping for their help in his greatest hour of need. Mysteries revealed, secrets unlocked from their vaults, and history remembered as it once was before it was rewritten. When malicious foot steps upon mortal soil, the beginning will be revealed so that the ending may be written.”
-Book of the Arani 6:25-38

* * * * *

Many centuries distant in the past, a kingdom had risen to great heights. King Vylarus Tyrelia ruled with dignity and prosperity, affording his people all he could so that they would thrive with bountiful lives. The king’s sons and daughters all did what they could to follow in their father’s footsteps, hoping to be as well loved as he was. For years the kingdom survived as a utopia for the elven people who dwelled within and those who came to be known as their enemies were never victorious in tearing the civilization apart.

As all great kingdoms rise, ruin claims them in time. Demonic forces had clawed their way into the mortal realm, desiring stake in the world in which they did not belong. These demons found King Vylarus’ home and sought it for themselves. The forces of the kingdom fought back against the demons for years, always standing victorious against them. The unending assault was grating on the King and his people, and there would be a time where they could survive no longer.

It was in that moment that King Vylarus called his three eldest children to him and tasked them with devising a method in which to aid against the onslaught against them. Each one set out to discover their own way of combatting the forces of chaos. Quinaria had returned to the Fey who had helped them learn the magic that had become part of their way of life, asking for a greater power. Selendria turned her heart inward to the world that gave them life, praying to Arawyn to for the ability to cast out the demonic hoarde that wished chaos into the mortal realm.

Ilthyrias did not believe that fighting the armies of chaos, born of supernatural power, could be better defeated with equally unnatural arts. Instead, he turned to the natural world and the physical forces it wrought. Sword and spear would be his weapon against the twisted things that came to tear his home asunder. He sought after the greatest craftsmen in the world to aid his endeavor, coming upon the great dwarven forgemasters and even the ingenious gnomish tinkers. Tirelessly the collective he gathered worked to craft armor and weapons of astounding quality for the prince. Ilthyrias, however, swore to protect his people from harm, demanding no soldier be placed inside the armor and so he finally approached the most learned of the human occultists who breathed artificial life into his army.

Each of the three children returned to their father, armed with powers to beat back the unrelenting forces of the Abyss. The great battle had cost the lives of many, save for the soldiers of Ilthyrias; all of which returned unscathed. The demon lord who led the forces cried for vengeance as he fled in defeat. Despite victory, Ilthyrias had come to know the danger of his creation and locked it away within a great tower, so that no force would ever claim it for their own destructive desires


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