As Domag Ravik marched northward toward home she reflected on the happenings in Travance.  The wind carried the news of Svava’s defeat to her ears as well the four corners of Arawyn.  The Northmen were routed and Svava was ultimately killed.  The Kormyrian woman, Melora Antonin – or “Auntie Em”- was jailed for imprisoning and torturing several.  She, Domag Ravik, swayed by the honorable actions of a few members of Travance left of her own accord taking her army of green skins.  Curiously the necromancer’s mother, Patricia Atrus had wandered off after being offered a room in the Dragonclaw Inn.  No one has reported seeing her since.  The heroes had far more honor than Domag had imagined and she was pleased with her choice to not make them her enemy.
*     *     *     *     *
Mother watched through her son's eyes the white sorcery and divine power destroying the Demon that was Torin. Anger flashed across her mind. She sent an abyssal call to her loyal children. People from all walks of life across all of Arawyn left their jobs, homes, families, and lives to assist their Mother's wishes.

Hand in hand they walked through the spirit realm. The weight and wounds of life finally shed with his mortal coil. An elven soul warden made a tempting offer but Torin could not face what he created. He knew his daughter had become everything and more than he could have ever wanted. Together they headed toward Galladel's judgment no matter what it meant for them. It didn't matter because once again their souls reunited would face whatever the afterlife had for them.
*     *     *     *     *
The crow watched as young Northman clutched the heart of his father in his fist, panting, a knife still dripping blood in his other hand. The young man carefully placed it with shaking hands in a box made from the heartwood of a tree from a Druid's grove that seemed to writhe under the young man's touch.
The crow called loudly and flew down to the young man, taking the form of a tall, thin man. "You have everything?" The once-crow spoke.The young man nodded silently, still shaking.  "Good. Come now, and see the true ways of nature. The power you will take. All of Arawyn shall kneel before your whim."  With that, the man who was once a crow strode into the woods. The young Northman picked up the chest and reverently fingered the pelt of a freshly slain wolf as he followed the tall man into the night.


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