An inch to three inches deep, the ground was blanketed with ash. The ashes of possibly the world’s strongest undead army, and somewhere among them were a small pile of ash that belonged to an astral creature of incomparable power, a dark fey.  Behind the wall a very large area of the ash was disturbed and blown away from the enormous wings of the black dragon Telligrim, who somehow managed to escape the fate of his undead, though not unscathed.

They say that the creature who caused this was the “Null of Magic”; a large voluminous robe which glowed with an eerie green hue. If such a creature that could destroy such immortal beings with such ease were not enough, then it would be when the town learned that the “Null of War” was also assaulting their home. 

That night in Travance was terrifying. The Null of Magic destroyed protections on the buildings of the proper and so truly nowhere was safe.  Throughout the fear and destruction, the Heroes of Travance while on the run, did their best to be the heroes they are and saved as many lives as they could. Count Sebastian Everest of Winterdark perished during a battle in the Mage's Guild. By the time that heroes came to rescue the fallen, the Counts body was nowhere to be found.  Thanks to the persistence of a paladin, and quick thinking by the Baron, all others at that battle narrowly escaped death, but the night was still young and the terror spread throughout the countryside.

In the morning, there was a silence that fell over the town. Everyone expected for the assault to continue but it had not. For reasons unknown, the Nulls where no ware to be found. After a few hours the Count and Lord Aleister appeared at the far end of a field. The closer they got, the more apparent it became that something was amiss. They did not speak or make sound at all… their eyes were empty and their stare was blank. They walked with a casual stride as if nothing mattered anymore, but when someone got close to them, they lashed out with great speed and ferocity with a power even far greater than their own. They appeared to be Husks of their former selves; empty bodies intent on continuing the torment that the Nulls had begun at night.  It was not just them, there were other heroes of Travance who apparently shared their fate and joined them in this assault. For hours the people of Travance fought them, but their power was otherworldly. Eventually they left for reasons unknown.

The greatest scholars in Travance poured heavily over ancient tomes, but with great surprise nothing was found. No matter where they went, no matter what they did, these scholars who always found a way to uncover what was needed, could find nothing of significance on these creatures. How could such beings of power escape the written record in history? It was confusing and frustrating, but it was also reality. 

As the day slowly progressed toward night, they began to make preparations to either fight or flee, should these creatures return. So great was this threat that a powerful force of evil known as VIM spoke to them in their great hall, warning them that the end was coming for them and that more than anything they needed to survive the night. Shortly after the Barony's lookouts had grim news to report. Not only had the two Nulls been spotted heading back towards Travance, but three more as well. The town hardened its resolve and stood their ground, despite the fact that their was no hope in facing five of these creatures, they had to try.

When this had failed, the Warlord called a retreat back to the Barons Manor, where they would initiate a plan to retreat to the Valdalis Crossroads. For hours they worked hard at running missions throughout Travance to rescue people to bring with them, and bring objects of power that they would need, such as the Phokus. Performing these tasks with the five nulls hunting the grounds was not easy, and many died, and some missions failed, but in the end, the good people of Travance did all that they possibly could. Though they lost the proper, they accomplished what they needed the most, which was to survive the night, and not be killed or worse turned into Husks.

When they reached the inn at the Valdalis crossroads, they appeared to be safe, at least for now. The Paladins and the Dark Paladins demanded the attention of everyone in the room. There was knowledge that they had and were sworn to secrecy at the induction into their orders, and so not done lightly, they broke their vow and shared this secret. 

Greater beings known as the Anastazi created the world of Arawyn with a trial in mind; to determine which aspects of life are superior, those which are good or those which are evil.  When that trial ends, and a victor is chosen, Arawyn will be unmade and rebuilt in the image of that superior force, as will every world created thereafter. This is the battle between good and evil, and this is why the stakes had always been so high.

The Paladins believed that the trial is now over and a victor had been chosen. But which side has won? There appeared to be no indication whatsoever.  These Nulls appear to be the device the Anastazi are using to wipe everything from the world to start new, a process that apparently started with their release, and has recently just accelerated.  Now faced with this reality, and with the fact that the victor is not named, both good and evil do not wish to see this end come, for at best it means the destruction of every living being, and at worst it means when the world is made a new, it could be made so without them. It is not a gamble that any man or woman of true faith, light or dark wishes to make.

Now days after hunkering down in Valdalis, word has gotten to them that the Nulls might be headed there as well. Where will they retreat to next and for how long must they keep running in order to survive?

Where does the world go from here? No one seems to have a clear answer, but there is one thing that seems certain; the heroes of this world do not believe that their story is done, and they will fight with their last breaths to take command of their own destiny! 

Null of Magic


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