Observation Report 1216126 - Aftermath

It is clear how closely the heart is tied to the weave and how much damage was wrought when the fey, Corsair, had died.  We were only lucky to have been able to contain it when we did.  With Corsair’s death, the rate of decay and wild distortion to the weave became unpredictable.  It is no surprise that it’s power has dulled, but for now we have no indication of whether or not the decay will continue.  Gideon’s instructions were paramount in containing the instability, but it leaves one to wonder, who gave him those instructions?  There is a force still at work trying to help save this world and we must be grateful for it.  For now, the heart must be watched.  There must be a way to ensure it will not completely drain of power, or else I fear that we may, in time, lose access to the weave’s power.

Worse still, what effect has this had on it’s strength to hold back Miranda?  The weave may have lost part of what is keeping it strong, but will the Arantir Stones being in place keep it strong enough?  This is something to look into.  It may be possible for her to escape.  Barak might have more information on this.

For now, we as a whole must endeavor to rebuild our town and be ready for what is to come.  There is a great amount of work that needs to be done in both the town and the greater picture.  From what I’ve been told, the Nulls are too great a threat for us alone to face, but if the greater forces in this world did not want these creatures to destroy us, then I believe they have ensured they will not.  Tools must have been left for them to use, if not for us to find and use.  With so many great forces in this world, even the heart of Corsair, if we could harness its magic, it is possible for us to survive.

Our salvation is out there, we need only uncover it.


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