With the devastation caused by the Husks and the obliteration caused by the Nulls, this has left the Barony of Travance and its surroundings in nearly as bad a state as the demon wars. Her residents strive to piece together their lives and rebuild once again. While Husks of small folk of the Barony continue to wander into the proper, their numbers have dwindled. Finally the living refugees arriving outnumber the Husks stumbling their way in.  The reports of the Nulls moving Northward are as troubling as they are vague. However the focus of the Nulls drawn to other people and places in the world gives the Heroes of Travance a reprieve to hopefully find information, any information regarding these beings. Answers are desperately needed because failure means not the end of the world, failure means the end of time itself.

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The story of Gallion Everest began very simple, but as time continued his tale grew so very complex. He started as a child, simple and carefree like most others, and he grew into a man who fought for the light. Despite his good nature, he was not without his flaws; and so his happy life with his happy family, ended in regret and tragedy. No matter the good that he had done, one sin had marked him for the fires below.  He grew to fear the judgment that would come upon his death and so he escaped it over and over again through time magic. In this process he lived deceptively through the lives of his son Marienstad Everest, his grandson Gabriel Everest, and his great grandson Klarington Everest.  In all time lines Klarington Everest would be the last life that he would live, but it would also be the most complicated.  

His unexpected and impenetrable love for a mysterious mute woman, would spiral him into a desperate journey traveling throughout time; a journey that would eventually turn into a fevered obsession. Fate had dictated that no matter what events transpired either he or his wife would be murdered.  He refused this fate and the more he challenged it, the more powerful and visceral his command over time would become. So obsessed with this quest and so often and far had he traveled, that even the greatest keepers of time, the Lorestri could no longer keep track of Klaringtons journey.  They only knew the damage that he had done to the time stream, and that he had to be stopped. Maja of the Rainbow, last of the true-blooded Lorestri has been hunting him down to stop him the only way he knows Klarington will be stopped, through death. 

Time dances on the head of a pin, it sways, it staggers, and eventually it falls. When only presented with unacceptable choices, you must create your own...




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