The journey started calm enough. The skies were clear and the sailing was smooth as the Leviathan left the docks, its supply ships in tow, cutting through the water with ease. Aboard morale was high, and songs were sung by many. Though the journey started smooth it did not stay that way. Passing Bordertown several ships were spotted suddenly on the horizon. Thinking nothing of it at first, due to the battle ensign being raised on the Leviathan, the crews carried on their path until they noticed they were being shadowed. The alarms were raised and everyone was on edge as the other ships closed the distance on the slower sailing fleet. “Pirates.” The words hung in the air aboard the ships, but the Leviathan was more than prepared to handle the first few ships. Cannons rang forth from the Leviathan causing the pirates to back off and eventually disappear back over the horizon.

The next day even more ships appeared, trailing the fleet though this time they came from the direction of Faust. The call went out to prepare for battle, for this time it was known they would not back down without an actual fight. Those on the Leviathan sharpened blades and prepared the cannons. Strength being lent where needed to prepare the warship for battle. The four supply ships were sent ahead as the Leviathan dropped back to engage the pirates. The battle raged for many hours, the sounds of cannons firing and steel clashing was heard along with the telltale words of power uttered by the Mages, Druids, and Priests of the Gods of Light, and even some of the Dark. And in the end the combined might of those on the Leviathan proved victorious over those who would try to stop her.

On the next day the ships were spotted again trailing the Leviathan and fleet, though this time they remained out of range of the cannons and just shadowed the fleet's movements. As the day wore on and those on board continued to be at alert a fog suddenly rolled in obscuring the view of the fleet. The ships from Travance drew in closer for safety navigating the waters in the fog. Many of the crew speculated that the gods must have been looking out for them, for they lost the pirates in the dense fog. After what seemed like eternity, the fog parted and in the distance they spotted the shores of a beautiful island.

As the people of Travance anchored upon the shores of Amanthyre, all manor of emotions swelled up in their hearts, minds and throats. Those who were of affiliation to the good could feel the raw unbridled power of good seeped in everything from the sparkling grains of sand on the beach, to the shimmering waves that lapped at it a little distance out. Those of ill repute could feel it as well, but had a far less enthusiastic response. All others in between saw mostly beauty at its face value; the beauty of a land that was likely not touched for centuries or perhaps much longer.

As they moved a bit further in-land some clusters of old and mostly rotted away buildings were discovered, largely reclaimed by nature. The people of Travance used some of their resources to quickly make the buildings barely usable. The Barracuda and the Inconnu were torn apart after their supplies were unloaded for these ships were accounted for as building material that they might need for this trip.

The supplies from the Arowana and the Lagena were stored away, in preparation for the days on the Isle and the sailing home. No more pirates were seen as the camp was set up. In fact no other life at all was encountered during the entire time, although the Baron and the Warlord strictly forbid exploration until the camp was settled and a plan could be formulated on how to explore.

The first night spent on the island felt so peaceful and was one of the most serene feelings many of them had felt in a long while. Upon the next morning many of the people of Travance had claimed to have had dreams, which when discussed where all very similar... 

… laying peacefully under a tree and staring at the night sky, the light singing of a female voice could be heard in the far distance drifting on the wind to ever so barely reach you. So faint is the song, that it is mostly dismissed as an overactive imagination fueled by the beauty of the scene. After some time, the soft grass beneath you seems to now instead be the corner of a soft bed in a simple yet elegant bedroom setting. You are sitting on the very edge and you can hear a woman’s voice very close to you, but only see bright light when you gaze in its direction “I am glad that you are here. I have dreamt of you and of this time often. I could not bring you here, you had to do that yourself and even still much of what needs to be done, can only be done by you… Know that I am on your side, and that if you ask me to, I will stand with you and I will fight with you… You must wake now, for you have much work to do, but do not fear, for you are unique and strong, and we will see each other soon…”




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