A cool night breeze blew upon the back of the older gentleman, gently pushing him ever-forward. He was bundled head-to-toe for a long trek in layers of warm yet worn-looking clothes. He seemed well-prepared for the long, treacherous journey across the rift on foot. This old man seemed to have an intensity and purpose – though were anyone to try and understand his resolve, they would surely be confused by his incessant ranting about ancient tomes and glowing pages. He carried a small parcel, wrapped lovingly in waterproof canvas tucked beneath his arm like a prized possession. He also had a bundle tied in cloth strapped to his back and a sturdy walking stick on which he leaned heavily. As he passed through the Great Rift, he sighed in both relief and resignation. His journey to Travance was nearly complete. It had been a long, long time since his old bones had such a quest. 

*     *     *     *     *

The Lizardkin scouts returned to their various tribes reporting that the land, formerly teaming with various races, was practically empty - maybe even ripe for the taking. The High Holy gathering was upon the tribes and each Lizardkin felt the pull in their blood. From the swamps of Drega’mire, the Earth Tribe began moving North and East. The rivers of Alisandria saw activity as the Water Tribe plied for food and supplies with the farmers along the river edge before moving North and West. From the hot pools and lava filled mountains of Pendarvin, the warriors and Red Scales of the Fire Tribe marched forcefully South and then West, although they did not raid on the way which was peculiar. In the forests of Kaledonia the mysterious Air Tribe began their pilgrimage South and East, being careful to not interact too much with the civilized society. The Great Thaw was near and all Lizardkin of all tribes were drawn out in droves. The destination was set as the tribes marched toward the Proper.

*     *     *     *     *

Fineous and Halix of the wandering kingdom of the New Dawn gathered several other members and split from the main group. They were within a couple of day’s ride of the Barony of Travance. The main force made sure to stay as far from their borders as possible – only because last time their exorbitant numbers put a strain on the resources of Travance and the New Dawn did not wish to cause that hardship to the small folk once again. However it was Fineous' opinion, as well as the opinion of several of the other leaders, that a contingent should be sent to re-establish ties with the powerful barony. It was everyone’s opinion that the New Dawn would offer its assistance to Travance in defeating the threat of the Nulls. So while the main force continued onward to fight the hordes of husks coming from the north, the small group sped their way to the Barony Proper.


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Waning Gibbous Moon
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