Construction of the new obelisk was successful, and now it stood ominously in the field next to the Dragons’ Claw Inn. Many new towns members had entered Travance this moon, and most knew not the significance or the severity of the pillar. The Obelisk would be needed to trap the Null; creatures designed by the creators of our world, for the purpose of un-creating everything.

            Fiona by appearance looked to be a beautiful woman with pristine pink flowers tucked in her flowing golden curls.  Though she appeared as a mortal, she was the pure embodiment of the force of good. She had a sister named Mirranda, whom was the pure embodiment of the force of evil. During the first age, these two sisters trapped the Null into a stone obelisk similar to the ones the heroes of Travance had just crafted…

            Over the last many days, the heroes of Travance came together and through great effort crafted what could now be used as a prison for the Nulls. Fiona had however spoken a sentence that made many hearts sink with disbelief. “You have done so well, but something is missing” she said. “We have to free my sister…”.  Miranda was currently locked away in a prison of her own, forged within the weave of magic itself. As she spoke the words, she knew that the people would not understand. Long ago none of the Fiona Argentis did either, which is why she decided to imprison herself in her tower.  The stakes where even higher now then they were back then, and she could not help the world by burying herself once again.

             As the crowd dispersed in a mix of strained emotions, she found herself wandering further from the Inn and towards the woods. She felt a tugging at her dress, and at first had thought that she had snagged a thorn bush. When she looked down, she saw a very young dryad staring up at her. “Is it true M’lady?” spoke the dryad child. “Must you free your sister?”

            Fiona reached down and gently caressed the child’s face. “Yes, sweet child… and I know that you despair from the thought of it.” She could see the tears welling up in the child’s eyes, and she stroked her hair to comfort her. “Do not despair, but instead rejoice, that together we will fight against a common foe and perhaps declare that our time will end when we decide it does, and not at the hands of another’s choosing. She is my opposite in every way, she stands for all that I stand against, and despite that fact, I love her, and miss her, and will be happy to lay my eyes upon her once again; though she will not feel the same towards me.

Why then?” sobbed the child “Is there not always another way? There must be another way!

If it where possible for Fiona’s heart to break, it would have listening to the child’s plea. “Sometimes there is sweet child… but sometimes there is not. While truly forever at odds, my sister and I are conjoined powers who counter each other seamlessly. Together we provide a world where mankind has the freedom to choose its own destiny.  Your creators could never understand that fact, still they do not, and it is their greatest weakness.” Fiona motioned for the child to lay on the soft grass, and she sat down as well. “You are still troubled, and I may not be able to change that now, but I will sit with you while you fall asleep.”

The dryad got comfortable and laid its head on a moss covered fallen tree. “Thank you Mi’lady” she said as she closed her eyes.

I know you worry little one, but lay your head to sleep and dream of a future in which you can grow old and live a happy and fulfilled life. Very few know how I imprisoned my sister, or why. Very few knew what happened afterwards, how I felt, and why I chose to imprison myself. You must always be a light for yourself and for others, lest you fall pray to the side of darkness. Sometimes your trials in life will be so hard and so harsh that you will question everything. It is then, that you must stop, and breathe, and believe in me, as I believe in you. To survive those trials and stay on the right path is to grow strong in the face of both success and failure.  Choose to stay with me, and I will never let my sister harm a single hair upon you.” Fiona looked down and saw the dryad was deep asleep. Fiona carefully rose, and blessed the area around the dryad with her light before walking into the dark woods alone. 


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