The Nulls had set out in different directions ravaging the world. Travance had barely survived their first encounter with them, yet now they needed to draw them back towards the town. Not only that but they would need to keep them occupied until they were prepared to stop them once and for all. This is not something they could do alone… they would need help.

For weeks the Baron had set his scribes to the task, sending letters across Arawyn calling to any and all nations that would listen, calling for armies, calling for aid, and on a cool spring night he came to the realization “It still won’t be enough”. So the baron turned to his people, the Heroes of Travance asking them for suggestions, nations, tribes, allies he had not yet considered. And as he looked to the stars, he hoped it would be enough.

*     *     *     *     *

Somewhere in the ruins of what was once a great arcane academy, a youth who would someday lead a nation receives a missive. After looking it over they nod to one of their attendants and issue the order to send a representative to Travance…

Two warring tribes meet on a field, and for the first time in ages it is not for battle. Both knows what is at stake; both know what they must do…

A Dwarf prepares a small battalion to guard their emissary, selecting a time and a place to meet with Travance. Though even deeper underground, A dark dwarf general proposes the same time and place simply to spite his brothers in Calasvorin…

Deep in the secret passages under Travance a madman able to create armies through science walks towards the town children in tow…

To the north the emperor of New Galderon is already entertaining a rather important guest… but will be willing to hear Travance out…

In a city of ships the leaders decide to help, for a price…

In a land devoid of faith and magic a parliament of men and women dedicated to the ways of higher learning decide to grant Travance and its people an audience…

In a far off land only spoken of in rumor a man unlike anything most Travancians have seen laughs to himself. It is unknown how he was reached. It is unknown how he knows the situation, but he will be inserting himself into the narrative shortly…

Lastly Travance’s closest neighbor had barely survived its encounter with the nulls, and were finally beginning to clean up husks… yet something sinister has noticed their weakened state.


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Waning Gibbous Moon
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