Part I of II

Corsair met with the Count, the Baron, and those heroes of Travance that make the proper their home in between the baronial feasts. He explains to them the challenges they face in trying to free Mirranda.

“The first step is to get to Vardimir. Normally a Pentir key is the only way to travel there. Being able to get all of the Heroes of Travance there may prove to be a challenge, but make no mistake, you will need all of the Heroes of Travance present if you hope to succeed.

Once there, the entrance to the Arcane Prison can only be revealed by solving the riddles of "The Statue and the Waterfall". The riddles were originally created by Mistress Telindoria, a master archivist of the ancient order of the Templi Erudite. Now long dead, she was the only one who knew the answer to the riddles because she created them, however it is believed that she made many contributions to several ancient texts before passing away. Failed attempts at the riddles will cause a flood that will crush and drown all in Vardimir.

Once the entranceway is revealed; the first hall is filled with traps, triggers and physical challenges. If this hall is not completed with the most perfect timing and with the most perfect efficiency, down to a second, then the hall is sealed, and all within are gassed to death with a potent toxic cloud that instantly rips the soul from the body and sends it reeling through the spirit realm. This room was crafted by Delpharia Lexuard, she was a master rogue in her earlier years but in her later years found the calling of light and joined the paladin order in service to the Fiona Argentis.

Once past the entry hall the first entry room has two dragon eggs within it. The entire entry room is suspended in time, preventing the eggs from aging and hatching. Once someone sets foot into the entry hall an ancient spell triggers that not only allows time to continue, but accelerates time by sixty years within the span of one minute. This would bring the dragons to young adulthood in size. That amount of growth in such a short amount of time will ensure that the dragons have not learned language ability or context of life. They only will have their base instincts to kill whatever they see out of fear or survival. Those dragons will fight and kill anything in their path.

If somehow one were to survive the dragons and pass the main entry hall and into the main chamber, arcane constructs will be activated all around the prison. Those arcane constructs will seek to kill any living beings. They do not shut down until all of the rooms’ weave sigils are activated in a specific order. There is one arcane construct and one weave sigil for each color of the weave. The only way to activate a sigil is to kill a construct and infuse its energy into the sigil that it matches. If the sigils are activated in the wrong order, then the entire room resets to create all new constructs and sigils. The order of the sigils was known only by Maldrik Glastamore the Light Forger whom is now long dead.

Once all the sigils have been activated in the correct order, then Miranda’s cell is opened. The act of the final door being breeched triggers an ancient spell which summons all of the Pentir Knights to the location of the prison and refreshes them all to full health and fighting potential. The Pentir Knights are sworn to guard Vardimir and prevent anyone from freeing Miranda. At a far point in history they were all cursed and turned into undead and trapped into the crown of the dark queen of Evernight. It is my conviction that the ancient spell that would summon them to Myrinod is far more powerful than the ancient spell that binds them to their eternal torment.  To those who are clever, activating this ancient spell could be a blessing and not a curse. “

“Is that it?” asked the Count

“I could create more challenges if you want…” replied Corsair dryly.

The Count turned to his scribe, who had been recording the meeting. “Send ravens to all the lands. Inform them of these challenges and tell that the night before the Baronial Feast I will be meeting with everyone at the Dragons Claw Inn and will oversee the heroes separating into groups. There is a lot to overcome, and if we are to have any chance of survival we will need to be working on all of these challenges simultaneously.  The final battle is almost upon us and we must be ready when it shows up on our doorstep.



*     *     *     *     *

Prologue Part II of II

A sea of filled dark robes blanketed the torch lit field. They were all intent on a charismatic speaker among them; one that commanded their attention. His voice was melodic, and pious and true. He was a pioneer among men, and a visionary unlike any they had ever known. His words were both terrifying and a comfort to the members of this cult.

“The dark call has been made! Some have answered and some have met the call with rebellion and ire.  It is not an easy thing to save something from itself, but that is exactly what we will do.  Our resolve will be ironclad, and our sacrifice worthy of legend. We love the darkness, we fight for it and ultimately we die for it.  Weakness is a disease that creeps into all living beings, even the greatest and even if for but a brief time. This brief time however is all it would take to undo eons of hard work by our ancestors.  We must save Miranda from her human side in which this weakness has crept. Self-preservation at times can be admirable, but in this case it is not! It is at this time, that we must be strong for our mistress! We must hold her hand and lead her where even she fears to go, just as she has lead us until now. In these last days she needs our strength, our conviction, our faith! Our lives are all forfeit but for a greater cause. CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT WE HAVE ALREADY WON?!”

The crowed roars with excitement.

“Our creators have chosen us, and now is the time to strengthen our resolve, not waiver from it! Despite her desires, our mistress cannot be freed! The Null are not the enemy, and they must not be stopped! They are the heralds! They sound the trumpets of our victory as we march into the great city as saviors, as HEROES! When this world is remade it will be done so in OUR image, as will every other world thereafter and our great sacrifice will be known! In this final hour, we will save darkness from itself; we will fall upon the axe and bleed ourselves dry to see this through to the end! We fight and die for our victory! Our victory in death!”


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